The FBI said the Russian-FaceApp is a potential counter-threat

A general view of the J. Edgar Hoover F. B. I. Building in Washington, d.c., USA, 10 March, 2019. REUTERS/Mary F. Calvert

SAN FRANCISCO (reuters) – The Federal Bureau of Investigation considers the use of a mobile app is being developed in Russia as a “potential counter-threat,” it said on Monday, in response to a U.S. lawmaker to query about the face-to-photo-app-FaceApp.

The viral smartphone app, saw a surge in popularity this year, due to a filter that will age pictures of users ‘ faces.

The concern of Russian origin and asked the Democratic National Committee about the party in the 2020 presidential candidates are against the use of it, as well as a call from the Democratic Senate minority leader, and Chuck Schumer for the FBI and the Federal Trade Commission, to conduct national security reviews.

There has been no evidence that the FaceApp provides the user with the information to the Russian government. But the FBI, in a letter responding to Schumer, said that Moscow’s ability to gain access to the communication directly via the isp (internet service provider, create an app, build a risky.

The Russian intelligence services, keeping robust, the cyber operation capabilities,” the FBI said, and local laws in order to at a distance have access to all the communication servers in the Russian networks, without making a request to the Isp at any time.

FaceApp, which will be launched in 2017, is being developed by Wireless Labs, a company based in St. Petersburg, russia. The company’s chief executive officer, and Yaroslav Goncharov, used to be the manager of Yandex, which is known as “Russia’s Google.”

The company has refused to sell or share user information with third-parties, adding that it is the user’s personal information will never be handed over to Russia, and most of the images have been deleted from the servers, within 48 hours of receipt of the submission.

Reporting by Katie Paul Edited by-Paul Franklin,

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