The Extra turn out in the Premier league, THE requests of clubs not to have to work out

The turn at the beginning of april, in the Premier league, and the Cuisine Champion of a Division is cancelled due to the outbreak of the corona virus. That is, the government on Sunday decided to. The Dutch football association KNVB asks all of the professional clubs in addition to no longer working out.

The ministers, mr Bruins (Medical, Health & Sport) and Arie Slob (primary and Secondary school teachers and the Media were at the press conference in The Hague, announced the measures this week were taken into account, is to be extended.

That means that, in sports where there are more than a hundred people have come to be prohibited up to and including the 6th of april, instead of march 31. The government will in the next few years, or that period of time still need to be moved.

Brown and a Slot left on Sunday, also know that, as a school, child care, and hospitality all clubs preliminary close must. The BOARD confirms that to the with the training facilities and the stadiums of the professional clubs are concerned.

Ajax, AZ, and we’re going to go on for weeks on end does not work out

The BOARD calls upon the clubs of the football at for the time being not to train them. Almost all of the clubs that wanted to be on Monday just to exercise, but, inter alia, Ajax, AZ and Feyenoord have already indicated that they will no longer have to do so up to and including the 6th of april.

The football association have the new dates for matchday 27, 28 and 29 in the Premier league and the round of 30, 31, 32, and 33, in the Kitchen, the Champion of a Division. On Sunday the 22nd of march, was more Classic, we’re going to, But the program will be in the Premier league.

The general director, Eric Gudde, of the BOARD given that the premise of the league is to get the best games to play with the audience, and, in principle, there is no better way to do it competitieformat.

The BOARD wrote Sunday night in a press release that they are to return to the Premier league and the Kitchen and the Champion Division is to take into account the period of time that the selections will need to return to wedstrijdfit-to-be.

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The corona virus is in the short

  • The virus is spread mainly through the coughs and niesdruppeltjes that are in the air.
  • An infected person is infecting on average two to three other people. This number can be decreased with proper safety precautions.
  • The vast majority of patients have mild (flu-like) symptoms.
  • Almost all the deaths involve elderly or already ill people. With the precautions that you can, these people are protected.
  • Click here to read ” what are the main precautions to be.

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