The Ex-minister of defense to win in the presidential election in Sri Lanka.

The Ex-minister of defense to win in the presidential election in Sri Lanka.

Gotabaya Rajapaksa, the former Defence minister and brother of former president Mahinda Rajapaksa, the Sri Lankan presidential election and won the game. The supreme committee for elections of the country on Sunday will be announced.

The nemesis of the Rajapaksa, the current secretary of Housing and urban development and the Construction of Sajith Premadasa, has been to defeat admittedly.

Rajapaksa was 52,3% of the electorate and his rival, Premadasa was 42% of the vote.

Premadasa was criticized for his country’s failure to adequately would have to be protected of the major terrorist attacks of the 21st of april. In addition, more than 250 people, including a three, to life. The Sri Lankan government and the security forces appeared heavy cross to have to drop due to an internal struggle for power.

Due to the terrorist attacks, the tourism industry in Sri Lanka has been severely affected, leading to a recession.

Rajapaksa oversaw during his time as defense minister in the bloody battle against the Tamiltijgers. This group was fighting for an independent state for the ethnic Tamils in Sri Lanka. They were, after 26 years, finally being defeated by the government forces.

Rajapaksa was mainly a contribution from the southern part of the country, while the Premadasa a lot of votes in the north and east of Sri Lanka, where most Tamils live. The Tamils against the Rajapaksa because he has been accused of a violation of human rights during the suppression of the Tamiltijgers. As the brothers Rajapaksa to deny it.


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