‘The evil stepmother’ blasted up for the set up of a Facebook group that you’d like to edit my stepson out of the family picture

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A woman has been slammed as an “evil stepmother” recently, the questions of the users of social media, with her young stepson of images from a family photo shoot.

On Sunday, take a screenshot of a Facebook post that the wife’s request for a hit Reddit and it quickly went viral, receiving more than 67 000 upvotes and 2,100 comments.

The original post contained a picture from an outdoor portrait session with the woman and her family dressed up in matching buffalo plaid shirts and jeans, posing in an open field. In two of the photos, the woman’s close was next to her, apparently, organic, toddler-aged children in her arms, while an older, brown-haired boy sitting to the right.


In the third picture, the woman and her husband were all smiles as they stood with their three children, whose faces were blurred after the photo-shoot and appear in order to have a happy family.

Although the mother’s identity is uncertain, the Daily Mail reports that the photos appear to have been shared with you in a photo interest Facebook group.

Is there any way y’all could be the removal of the child from the right in this photo? He is my stepson, and I love the pictures of the two of us, but I wouldn’t want to be a good one for those with just the two to do without him,” and the “wicked step-mother,” said, online, as per the original post. “Also, remove it from the full set of photos to take. In advance, thank you very much.”

To said ground for the request, and the parent is added to an edited copy of the disclaimer for her to comment, he explained: “I love my stepson, but I would like to some without having it be in one of them.”

“I have been aware of these things, but I just want to have it all,” she said.


The Reddit community was particularly shocked by the woman’s appeal and its comparison to a “film trope-the level of evil step-mother.” Some condemned her as a “cruel” and a “bad” person is trying to isolate her partner’s child from a previous relationship, in a similar way.

“It’s really made me sad. I wonder how the child felt about it. I would bet that he has, he is no different from the other two,” one user wrote.

“I have a kid, and I can tell you that he’s going to know it, it’s not a good feeling, and it’s creating a toxic environment,” another agreed.

A woman has been slammed as an “evil stepmother” recently, the questions of the users of social media, with her young stepson of images from a family photo shoot.

“As a step-mother, it breaks my heart. It’s my job to make sure that my step-daughter knows that she is loved, as much as I love my son,” one offered.

“My heart aches for each and every child has to believe in it, even if only in subtle ways like this that they don’t really have a home to name a few,” said one of the others. “I would hope that his father will come to his senses and see that the small, micro-aggressive, the lengths of his horrible wife are going to separate this little guy from the rest of the family.”


As a Redditor pointed out, and claimed to have been in the original Facebook group, and the step-mother was originally pitched to her call, to share a little bit of context.

“I was in the group they were originally placed in it. No one wanted to make the arrangements for her, and all of them are just to serve her. The setting of Cinderella’s evil step-mother, on her face, and the like,” the user shared. “If you have a step-parent to take the child as their own. How incredibly sad to say goodbye.”

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