The european Parliament has condemned Poland for dozens of cities and towns that are lhbti’s ward

The vast majority of the European Parliament on Wednesday adopted a resolution, in which Poland has been convicted of setting up dozens of ” lhbti-free zones.” By this measure, more than eighty of the Polish churches in the presence of lhbti’s demotivate and anger.

The resolution strongly condemns the European Parliament for the Polish conservative party PIS, which is the policy of the cities and towns to allow, and even encourage it.

The policy for these zones are to be set, it is not legal, so gays and lesbians can’t actually be out of the cities and towns, and more.

Critics argue, however, that this policy of hate and even aggression against lhbti’s intimate. In the government gazette Gazeta Polska told to even put stickers with anti-lhbti-symbols, in order to be able to distribute it in the cities and towns that the new rules have been set.

The resolution is a signal to other anti-lhbti countries

The European Union is that in the Polish schools, lhbti rights are brought to the attention of the Polish students are going to bring, and underlines the fact that Eu subsidies are in any way “discriminatory policies” that can be used.

The resolution was co-initiated by the Dutch political party D66 Member of the european parliament, Sophie in ‘t Veld. It calls for the setting up of the zones, and a “fundamental violation of human rights”. She wants to make of Europe with the resolution, a strong signal also to the other member states, which are lhbti rights are not of high importance to them, such as Hungary.

Also, the Green left and the VVD, the lhbti-free zones in Poland are strongly criticized.

FVD abstained from the vote, and SGP voted against it

The Forum for Democracy and human rights (FVD), which, together with the PIS, the euro-sceptic political group ECR in the European Parliament’s seat, abstained from the vote. “We are for gay rights, but that nations of this kind, the municipal policy has the power to control,” explained a spokesman for the FVD to.

The stability and growth pact, which is also a member of the ERC, it voted against the resolution. “The stability and growth pact, it is discrimination,” says the stability and growth pact-Member of the european parliament and Bert-Jan Ruissen. “But even more important is that the EU should not interfere in local affairs.”

The Polish party PIS has, in the last few years, a large number of votes have been recruited, with statements about traditional values, which, in practice, it was thought that lhbti and the promotion of women’s rights actually mean.

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