The european duel in the AZ in the city of Enschede until the point of the Antwerp without uitfans

In the first match between AZ and FC in the play-offs for the Europa League on Thursday, no uitsupporters welcome. It is the decision of the mayor Onno van Veldhuizen in Enschede and can lead to confusion with the Belgian club.

Van Veldhuizen, took the decision after consulting with the police, the Public Prosecutor’s office, and representatives from AZ, FC Twente, and the Dutch fa (KNVB). A-Z is different to Enschede, because it has a roof of its own AFAS Stadium a week and a half ago, it partly fell in.

“As we all know, can be a-Z, not in their own house to play, due to problems with the roof of the stadium. In Enschede, the netherlands, we know what problems that could cause it, and that’s why we’re happy to help with a solution,” says Van Veldhuizen.

“On the basis of the information before this type of race is being collected, we were in the middle of it (the dialogue between the police and the Public Prosecutor’s office and the town’s mayor, ed.). to come to the conclusion that the maintenance of law and order in the city and around the stadium, not enough can be ensured.”

Antwerp is opposed to the decision

The Antwerp report, the two are surprised by the decision. “In our first two games against Viktoria Plzen are without a major incident, with an incredible atmosphere at the stadium. FC has joined forces with the city’s law enforcement services are increasingly being constructive, prepared to be the public policy of safe conduct” given in the statement.

“We are at present and the reasons for the decision, and we will do everything possible to ensure a reliable solution. As soon as we have any further information has been received from UEFA and the authorities have more information.”

A-Z find we do better on Thursday at 20: 30 in de Grolsch Veste. A week later, at 20: 00 and the line to Belgium. The winner of the two place themselves before the group stages of the Europa League.

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