The EU condemns the offensives in Syria and limits the export of arms to Turkey

The European Union has set Monday as the Turkish incursion into Syria is convicted of. In addition, the 28 member states are committed to the arms supply to Turkey to be kept to a minimum. These are the weapons that the Turkish armed forces into Syria.

All of the buitenlandministers of the countries of the EU agreed that Turkey does not meet the European conditions, to weapons, to receive it. Arms supply to Turkey would be the regional instability is the cause.

This is a shared interpretation of the terms and conditions, it is of interest to you, given the European terms for the arms trade, it is binding for all EU member states. According to insiders, this is the decision of the buitenlandministers an unbelievably hard decision because they are directed against NATO ally Turkey. As a result, the EU member states, in each case, the intention of any new export licenses for arms to be issued.

The netherlands decided last Friday that the arms delivery to Turkey on the receipt. Germany, France, italy, Finland, and Norway, have already, on its own initiative, done that. The new European accord will also be on any existing export licenses will be, remains to be determined. On Wednesday, the member states all the details of the release to discuss.

‘There seems to be no overall control’

A number of the Second Members of parliament, shall, on Twitter, that the measures do not go far enough. “Where are the real sanctions,” said the Dutch political party D66’there is Sjoerd wiemer on a regular basis Sjoerdsma. Liberal party (VVD) Member of parliament, Sven Koopmans writes, “Sadly, is not enough. The EU has many steungelden in Turkey must stop. That would be Erdogan’s called hitting where it hurts.”

“It does not seem to be a complete and comprehensive arms embargo,” says an associate professor at the University of Maastricht, Hylke Dijkstra.”The question is, how far away the release will be out. More relevant is that many of the large EU countries, an embargo is declared.”

Well, it is, according to Miller it is important to note that in Turkey the majority of the weapons out of the United States is imported. And it remains to be seen is how this release will fit in with the NATO obligations of Turkey.

Member states to condemn the invasion

The buitenlandministers present on Monday in Luxembourg to discuss the latest developments in Syria. Turkey has been on since Wednesday engaged in an offensive in the north-east of the country. The Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan doesn’t want to be a “safe zone” to create.

A number of EU countries, including the Netherlands, the decision of the of the History last week, has already been convicted. The criticism down well with Erdogan, who is then threatened with the some of the millions of Syrian refugees in Turkey to go to Europe, the EU, the incidence could be judged as a full-scale invasion and occupation.

The new geweldsuitbraak in Syria, which include an amount of 130,000 people have fled, according to the United Nations (un). The united nations believes that this number also can be increased. Stichting vluchteling (Refugee foundation is seriously concerned about the people in the area, such as the reception camps in the region are over-crowded they are. In the fighting, according to the Turks for hundreds of Kurdish fighters, it has come into your life.


Turkey carries out air strikes in Syria

Syrian army forces have arrived in northern Syria

The Syrian army Monday morning in the north of Syria to confront the Turkish army. This is a direct result of the agreement between the government of the Syrian president, Bashar Al Assad, on Sunday joined the Kurdish fighters in the north-east of the country is in their hands.

Because of these agreements, which has attracted Syrian army (fsa) Sunday evening to the towns of Manbij and Kobani, which is Al Assad in exchange for his help, and, in their hands. For further details on the deployment of the Syrian army, have not yet been announced.

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