The energy label for household appliances will be easier

It will be easier for you to assess how much energy household appliances use. For this purpose, the system of colored energy labels are clearer, made. In the EU, the member states and the European Parliament, there is a onderhandelingsakkoord on reach.

The current categories are A+, A++ and A+++, is misleading to consumers and will cease to exist, according to the European Commission.

In the long term may be devices such as refrigerators, dishwashers, televisions, and vacuum cleaners are classified into a zuinigheidsschaal from A to g, Which leads, according to Brussels, to the considerable saving and would make the households (about 500 euro per year for care.

By taking into account innovation needs, the labelling system future-proof it. Furthermore, by 2019, a database of consumers, the consumption of products of can be compared. A similar database is to assist in the surveillance of policy. In addition, the rules for ads are shown.

Online, the label will change back to the A-G scale. Retailing to the Netherlands, calls this degree of clarity and simplification. Now, the client should still be in a lot of areas in the online-shop of the label, to see, for example, as in the “recently viewed products”.

Last a long time

It this fall, but the timing of the introduction of the modified scale will vary from device to device. For white goods, tvs and light bulbs, is that, by 2020, but, for example, central heating boilers and water heaters, may be 2030 will be. Vacuum cleaners and / or dryers are to be expected in the course of a bid for the 2024 games and with the new label at the shop.

The European umbrella of consumer organisations, BEUC regrets the fact that it was all a long time. Also, some of the political groups in the European Parliament, the opinion in question.

Of the european parliament and the member states must still formally approve the agreement.

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