The end of Utopia, however, after 1.554 episodes: “it’s a form of attention

The realityprogramma Utopia, on Friday was halted after 1.554 issues. A review of the mission statement of the current and former residents of an area close to Laren, the netherlands in order to build up a new society.
In the beginning, Netherlands, in the small

Utopia was created by John de Mol. The television producer has had a huge social experiment, in which the inhabitants of the perfect society had to be created. They would have to provide for the necessities of life such as food, shelter, and sanitation facilities. Each of the eight weeks, it had to be a resident, following is a nominating round, the program will exit.

Cut off from the world, and the residents, day and night, to be followed by the cameras as well. The viewers could, through the streams online, look into their experience.

The SBS programme as at 31 december 2013, from the start. In the group of the Utopia consisted of fifteen people. It was, in the first instance, it is the intent of the program is only one year, it would take a while, but as it is, as has been seen, it was more than once renewed. On average, were in 2019, more than 400,000 people per episode. “The Netherlands is small,” said the Mole, on the occasion of the one thousandth episode of Utopia.

1000 Days in Utopia: Heaven or Hell

The continuation: councils join forces

It turned out to be in 2017 and will no longer be possible for the site to continue to be rented, where the program is started. The residents have started and then present a petition. At the beginning of april of 2018, it was announced that the local Station’s Lakes region, and in Laren, the netherlands, have collaborated to create a new piece of land where Utopia was going to.

At the top of a nearby piece of land and started in mid-year Using 2 of the new residents. The five other candidates received a little funding will be available: a fish, a start-up capital of 250 million, a direct dial telephone with 25 euro credit, and a couple of wooden planks and the trunks of trees. The inhabitants were allowed to do at home, and a box to carry stuff in for the first couple of weeks. Using the 2 we started with five people, and public transportation.

The winner of the by Using a 1: to triumph for a long time

Ivan Mauloed won the first edition of the Utopia, and they brought with them 51.000 euro for the house. Was the thirty years ‘ Utopiaan, after an early departure in 2016, in the beginning of 2018 and returning to the program because he had heard that it was going to go away.

The Utopiaan of the year for 2015 was awarded in the finals, voted for by the viewers than any of his fellow finalists, Bass guitar, Architecture, and the twins, Demi and Fay. In the latest installment of the realityprogramma to see how the Utopianen clothes and supplies weggaven to the food bank and the Salvation Army and said goodbye to each other.

The winner, by Using A 1-Ivan Mauloed

The winner of the by Using a 2: Her

Once they are in the inter round of voting by her fellow finalists, John, Franny, Amanda, and Brandon, all with the maximum score of 24 points, she also 14,31 votes from the general public. This won the candidate of Her ample Using the 2 and take them to more than 69,000 euros, to take home. The 35-year-old teacher was in June of 2018 and is part of the Utopia. “I’m so proud of this. And I’m with the group, be thankful, and I want to thank you for the votes,” said the winner, in front of her co-finalists.

Highlights: 250 time sex

In the first of a thousand episodes of the program were 67 residents Using a field exit. More than a dozen or so relationships were formed at that time between the people.

The viewers were able to do in the first one thousand days, which is 250 times to see how the residents are under the watchful eye of the camera and love to do. Also, the grief and the arguments, and, as one of the leaders in the heat of the action, knocked down the table, were a part of Utopia.

Highlights of the 1000 days in Utopia

The key to success: a drama of the elements

Televisiewetenschapper, Maarten Reesink, it had been expected that the Utopia is to be a success, it would be, he said, in June 2018, at “It is, however, to explain it. It’s a genre in which, Using the realitygenre is like a soap opera.”

“Use a soap that is very interesting, because the characters are better familiar with, and you’ll find yourself using them, you can identify it. It’s not very realistic to what’s going on, but the characters behave quite realistic, within all of these unrealistic story lines.”

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How to continue Using?

The former contestant will be Billy Baker, was from the very first episode of Utopia. She had to be at home to get used to the fact that they are suddenly no longer the day and the night, to be followed by the cameras, she told him, in 2018, in a conversation with “It is, however, a certain degree of attention. And anyone who is Using a join, will find that the attention might be nice. The cameras themselves are wrong, but you do know that you have a large group to reach that focus, you won’t miss it.”

The ex-contestant was in the 2018 and still keep in touch with the fans, and himself, in his own words has come to know over the period of time in the program was over. It is not known how the current members and fans of the Utopia will have to deal with it is to stop the program, and that those 1554 days in the clutches.

Billy Baker was in from the first episode of Utopia

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