The end of raketverdrag the USA and Russia, raises fear of arms race in

In the United States of america steps in on Friday, after 32 years, formally of the INF-raketverdrag with Russia. This is one of the tipping points of the Cold War, the new world.

In the united states and the former Soviet Union, the INF treaty in 1987. The agreement banned medium-range ballistic missiles from land, is to be launched in both nuclear and conventional, with a range from 500 to 5.500 km.

Now that the INF treaty by Russia terminated in the USA, weather, medium-range ballistic missiles, developing from the ground are launched. By the way, the question is whether that will be possible, the U.s. government has been struggling to get the finance for this purpose by the Congress to guide them.

In the U.S., announced last year that the INF treaty is to take place, because Russia, according to NATO, the SS-8 Sasin rocket to the appointments policy. Moscow says that it is a weapon with a reach of up to 480 kilometers, and, therefore, is not allowed. A lot of the value seems to be the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, moreover, is not to be attached to the agreement. In 2007, he said that the treaty, Its interests are no longer served.

NATO warns of a Russian rocket, it is within minutes of a European city to take in and consider it a weapon, therefore, to be a serious threat.

NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg has announced that the trans-Atlantic alliance is going to react to the Russian refusal, the SS-8 Sasin rocket to be good.

The exact plans are not known; however, Stoltenberg makes it clear that it will not be going to be the majority of new nuclear missiles in europe.


Why are nuclear weapons there will most likely always continue to be

‘Victory is to sow uncertainty’

The panic and the breaking of the treaty with them. The NATO’s conventional arsenal that is more advanced than the Russian one. The Kremlin, therefore, is mainly in the land of uncertainty, say experts.

The German minister of Foreign Affairs, Heiko Maas, had on Friday knowing that Germany would like in a new raketverdrag to be seen. In addition to Russia and the united states, it would be China itself, however, must be consistent. But in Beijing, shows that it is there, it is not yet ready, according to Maas.

The Chinese ministry of Foreign Affairs, said that the lecture, reports the Chinese state news agency Xinhua. “In China, there will be no way for them to agree to the treaty and to the several countries”, said a government spokesman.

The government He said that it was the end of the convention, and the united states in a raketarsenaal, that not only can it serve as an answer to Russia, but also China and india. That the country has developed medium-range ballistic missiles, which are becoming more sophisticated, according to the Pentagon.

“The world is losing hold of nuclear war’

There is no risk that it will break the convention, leading to a worldwide arms race, according to the German minister of the Meuse, in a radio interview. In addition, Europe could not take part in it.

Mikhail Gorbachev, the man who, with the agreement of 1987 signed by the president of the united states, Ronald Reagan, believes that there will be a new nuclear arms race is going on, ” he wrote last year in an op-ed piece in The New York Times.

Also, the UN secretary-general, António Guterres is concerned. “The world is losing hold of nuclear war, which will be of inestimable value,” he said on Friday. “This will probably be the threats caused by ballistic missiles, to increase and not decrease.” He stressed that the united states and Russia, quickly create new events.

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