The east coast of Australia, which fears that natural fires to re-ignite

After a few days of cooler weather and rain, and fear Australian authorities to the effect that the ravages of natural fires once again flare up. In the next few days, rising temperatures are to be expected, which is accompanied by high winds.

Where, in the state of New South Wales are already preparing for large-scale fires, the Australian capital city of Canberra, sat night again enveloped in a smoke filled room.

The fire department is calling the people to their homes to protect against fires, for example, due to the flammable plants, and to check for holes in the roof, in order to prevent that the combustible particles, in houses and land.

In the area of Canberra, are the fire-fighters and security staff to door-to-door to people to be alert for possible evacuations.

Located close to the capital city of raging fires in the Namadgi National Park. Authorities believe the fire will continue to be around to see it will grab it when the temperatures are in the Tuesday to the 35-degree rise.

The natural fires are already raging on since August. Meanwhile, 33 people were killed by the fires, so they may have a billion animals have died. An area the size of Greece is destroyed by the flames.

39Dorstige animal to drink rain water from the road surface in Australia

State of Queensland faces a flood

While in the south-east of Australia, with the sore growing to burn facing, the north-eastern state of Queensland, with floods due to heavy rains.

In a 24-hour period of time there is in parts of Queensland, with up to 160 millimetres of rain. Rainfall around a quarter of the average amount of rainfall in a year’s time, amounts of money, reports Reuters news agency. In the next few days, and more rain is expected.

There is as yet no serious damage as a result of the rain and flooding has been reported. There are, however, people are rescued out of the water, and several roads are shut down.

Already in mid-January, attracted a thunder-storm and heavy rainfall over Australia. Although this has resulted in the forest fire was, fearing that authorities will also be used for other problems.

75Supercel-storm draws in over the east coast of Australia

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