The Dutch universities to get students to come back from getting restless, hong Kong

Several of the Dutch universities to pick up their students early, back in hong Kong. Due to the sustained tension in the region, the educational institutions decided to take the precaution of running, in order for a return to a facilitating role.

The situation in hong Kong, after the death of a 22-year-old protester Friday further escalated. Because of this, schools have massive classes cancelled. Some of the universities have decided in the remainder of this calendar year, with no classes, and workshops to be offered.

Last week, several universities in clashes between protesters and police officers. Activists blockaded on Thursday, roads & buildings by, among others, the Chinese University of Hong Kong and the Polytechnic University. So they cast the barriers, and they used branches as refilling stations.

Also, were the protesters on vehicles and buildings on fire and threw it benzinebommen in the direction of police. Also, with the stones being thrown. In such an action, came a seventy years of street sweeper to live as he was during his lunch break, it was hit by a brick. The object, according to the police, was thrown by a protester.

Certainly, the 145 students to return to the Netherlands

The University of Amsterdam (UvA), Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR), the Universiteit Utrecht (UU), Leiden University and Delft university of technology are based on the idea of the return of the students to be actively facilitating it. In the case of the university of amsterdam and the euro, it is well known that the cost of the trip will be reimbursed.

The first three universities to come together for up to 145 students in hong Kong. A spokesperson for the TU Delft could not immediately tell how many of its students in hong Kong have been.

Of the 36 students of Tilburg University to get the opinion back to them. They may do so at the expense of the university. Also, other universities have exchange programs with universities in hong Kong. it is still pending their response.

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of the students would like to return”

“The situation is so unbelievable, that we and our students recommend and return to,” says UvA spokesperson Annelies van Dyke. “Some of the students that we spoke to, said to go home to want to be.” Three students of the euro, already at an earlier time departure.

It is not clear what this exactly means for their research. The universities are saying that for each student to want to watch it. A number of universities, it is well known that the delay will be compensated for. Some hong kong universities have said that students from the Netherlands in the second semester, may complete, for example, with the help of online classes.


Demonstrations in hong Kong, coarsening of: What is China up to?

No negative travel advice for hong Kong

The Dutch ministry of Foreign Affairs, to warn Dutch citizens in hong Kong, however, a negative advice is currently not to be the case. There is no other special advice to the students, to let an advocate know about it.

The Dutch consulate-general in hong Kong, through the universities, the students, to inform them of what they can do and will do in the event of an emergency. The students in hong Kong to stay, you can take the precaution of registering at the consulate general, according to the prosecutor’s office. In this manner, the Dutch authorities, and they are in an emergency situation are easier to find.

Travel #hong Kong: There are a lot of roadblocks and violent clashes between demonstrators and the police. To avoid protests and road blockades. Please follow the instructions of local authorities.

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