The Dutch military will stop with the provision of emergency assistance to the Bahamas

For more than two weeks after the devastating storm Dorian over the Bahamas, moved in, stopping the Dutch, French and German soldiers, with the provision of emergency assistance in the island of Abaco. According to the department of Defense, the islanders are ready for the rebuilding to begin.

Over the past week, were 550 and the Dutch, 50 German and 50 French soldiers have to be active in the island of Abaco, which is the most severely affected by the storm.

Dorian, this was the biggest storm that the Caribbean has ever met. The storm came ashore as a hurricane in the fifth class and continued with gusts of wind of up to 300 kilometers per hour-about 48 hours, up to the islands and hang out. The official death toll in the Bahamas, on a fifty, but hundreds of people still unaccounted for.

At the time the forces arrived, the island was a big mess. The houses are nearly all of the 70,000 inhabitants of the island were damaged, and a large part of Colorado was under water. Residents were given food, water and medicine.

The Dutch and the French soldiers clean up debris at a school in the town of Marsh Harbour in Abaco. (Photo: Defense Ministry)

“Our emergency assistance is no longer needed

According to the commandant of the marine corps, Dennis’s Chest, the military is in a week’s time “so much has been done and achieved”. The soldiers built a bridge to the south and to the north of the island. It is also the port to be cleared, roads are paved, the hospital is supplied with electricity and running water, and helped by the medical specialists from Defence, to take care of the wounded.

Chest: “The people here start to build up. To our relief, it is no longer necessary, so we can go.” Also, captain Roland of the country is that there is a great deal of progress has been booked. “We have to leave, if military personnel really well, the local authorities and the people of Colorado continue to be able to be built.

For the people Wednesday, has already begun, with the restoration of military vehicles and navy ships, Zr. Ms. Johan de Witt, and Sister. Ms. Snellius. This work is made more difficult by the hurricane, Humberto, who is now in the vicinity of Bermuda and the weather is bad, and needed a surge of energy from the ocean provides.

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