The Dutch concert halls and drew in the end of 2018, a record number of visitors

The Dutch clubs have never been so well attended to as in the end of 2018. In total, last year’s 9.7 million people, and a visit to a classical concert or a pop concert, show on Thursday according to new figures from the Dutch Central Bureau for Statistics (CBS). That’s an increase of nearly 6 percent from the previous year.

From this, the visitors went up to 80 per cent at a rock concert. A total of twenty-thousand concerts, performed in, which equates to 38 percent of the total program.

Pop concerts attracted the most visitors, and there were 15.500 pop / rock concerts is given, which, in total, 7.7 million people were able to benefit from. Also, classical music concerts were very popular and were only 1.9 million people.

Also, there were a lot of people to musical theatre (including musical theatre), stand-up comedy and theatre. They were a little less than 3,800 musicalvoorstellingen given to more than 500, more than a year in 2017. How many people go to musicals for the year rose 7 per cent to 158.000.

The performing arts have attracted nineteen million people

In total, attracted the performing arts last year, nineteen million visitors. In other types of performing arts such as drama and dance, the statistical agency, however, is a decrease in the number of performances. For example, in a ten-year period, the range of performances, with about 35 per cent.

As the number of visitors rose in a lot of podiumkunstdisciplines, however, only in the dance, a decline was recorded. This is a decrease of 3 per cent.

The total number of performances and concerts will be in 2018, was 53.700, or 2 per cent more than a year in 2017. The number was 8 per cent lower than in 2008, when a record has been established.

Besides that, most of the shows and the concerts given in Amsterdam, the netherlands. This is true for nearly one out of every five.

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