‘The Dutch coast for taking the place of the sun’

‘The Dutch coast for taking the place of the sun’

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The pollen season has started and that means for sufferers tranerige eyes, a runny nose and frequent sneezing. Especially on warm days with lots of sunshine, there are additional a lot of pollen in the air.

Biologist Maurice Martens has a tip for hay fever sufferers who still like the sun want to enjoy. “The Dutch coast is a good place to go, because we have here often the winds over the sea. Because this air is reasonably clean, you can be a good place to be,” says Martens.

People with hay fever do also to to spend their vacation in the mountains. “And by that I mean high in the mountains, past the tree line. There you have less problems with trees and there are relatively less pollen in the air,” says the biologist. If you often suffer from the pollen of the es, is, according to Martens to recommend you vacation in the Mediterranean. “There are a lot of olive trees and because ash and olive trees are closely related, you can by a cross allergy are sensitive to the pollen of this,” he warns.

According to the biologist is the hooikoortsseizoen this year fairly normal started. Although the past winter a short time, slightly warmer than was normal, and there is already some pollen in the air, began the pollen season in the third week of march. “That’s a pretty normal time, insofar as you can talk normally,” says Martens.

That’s something that’s different. “We have a number of years had that there with the christmas all pollen of hazel and alder in the air and people all sniffend christmas had come through.” According to Martens, is that this year is significantly less. “We have a not too cold but also not too mild winter, which in any case has ensured that the pollen season has not yet begun around the turn of the year,” says the biologist.

Severe complaints

The first part of the hooikoortsseizoen it was mostly hazel and alder that pollen in the air, trees that already for quite a lot of trouble. “Of course, every patient is different, how intense the symptoms are, but the trees that in the springtime, sometimes huge amounts of pollen in the air, and then a few days of intense discomfort,” says Letty de Weger, researcher at the Leiden University Medical Centre (LUMC).

After the hazel and the alder is in april and may it’s the turn of the birch in order to flourish. These trees are known for their unpredictability. “Birch can grow in a short time huge quantities of pollen to the air emissions. This precise peak days are not always easy to predict, because that depends on the weather in the period that trees are ready to start flowering,” says Weger. The period in which the birch is in bloom will come, is somewhat. “At this time, we expect that at the end of march the birch trees start to flower and the middle of april, the peak birch pollen can be expected”, says the researcher.

Difficult period

From may to August, the grasses in bloom. An additional difficult time period for a specific group of sufferers. “Some people are allergic to both birch pollen as the pollen,” says Weger.

“When the birch trees later in bloom and the grasses on time, or early in flowering, the berkenpollenseizoen and the graspollenseizoen each other may overlap or be integrated seamlessly. That means that people who are allergic to both types of pollen in between, no rest and a long period of complaints will be experienced,” says the researcher.

Grass pollen

According to Martens has more than half of the people with hay fever suffer from grass pollen. “That is a good number, you can assume that in the Netherlands approximately 20 to 25 percent of the population suffer from hooikoortsachtige phenomena, that are four million people in total and has more than two million people suffer from the grass,” said the biologist.

The simplest remedy for pollen allergy according to Martens of not or as little as possible to get in touch with the pollen. “Avoid is the keyword here,” says the biologist. “If you necessarily have things outside to do, do it early in the morning, because of the pollen in the air is still rather limited because the sun is still not shining and the pollen is therefore less active,” says Martens.


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