The doggybag is captured gradually in our country, why is it taking so long?

The doggybag – some people like to foodybag’ as they are called – upon in the Netherlands is increasingly well established. How is it possible that this is a trend in our country now appears to be down?

In the United States, it is quite common to have a ‘doggybag’, or ‘to go’ box to any questions, if you have on your plate at a restaurant is not without. You will get the leftovers, without hesitation, carefully wrapped up to take home.

In european countries, including the uk, have had, until recently, very little of it. In the Netherlands, the proportion of people in a restaurant, or a doggybag for your organization over the past few years, however, the increase over time.

According to the environmental organisation Natuur & Milieu, who for the fourth consecutive year of research into the concept of doggybag, has received in recent years, almost half (46 per cent) of people who went out for dinner in a doggybag provided. Five years ago, it was 27 per cent.

Four out of ten (39 per cent) of respondents in the research itself, but once in a while for a doggybag was a restaurant on site. That’s almost 10 per cent more than in the previous year.

“It is only when you are aware that you have neighbors, family members, and friends to ask for a doggybag, it is the unconscious – as it should.”
Patrick Wessels, consumentenpsycholoog

‘Doggybag, is, according to the social norm is not normal

There is still a social norm, that is, a doggybag don’t ask, just said consumentenpsycholoog, Patrick Wessels. “It is only when you are aware that you have neighbors, family members, and friends to help you, that is the unconscious – as it should.”

“We have to see the shame, to ask for a doggybag, each year is decreasing. And for that, we are very happy with it”, says Dorien Ackerman, director of Campaigns at Natuur & Milieu, you know.

The shame and the fear of play, according to Take a key role in asking for a doggybag. “At a restaurant and the waitress ask you what you mean, and that can be an uncomfortable situation to provide. At the very least, there are a lot of people are afraid of it.”

There seems to be a taboo to bring it up to take home leftover food from a restaurant, but it seems like that is slowly but surely changing. (Image: 123RF)

Pay more attention to food waste

An increasing number of people think, according to the study, that is, the doggybag in the Netherlands, more and more are going to be. That suspect also Take. “In the end, it is more widely accepted, especially in the context of the waste of food.”

The research shows that more and more people are using food wastes: 79,4 per cent of the people said to eat them, because they waste it. That figure was in 2018, a 10 percent reduction.

Another notable trend is the fact that almost 60 per cent said the past few years become more conscious of the amount of food that he or she is throwing away. A year ago, it was collect 52.4 percent of the time.

Ask for a doggybag, according Take have a ripple effect to have. “For a small group to begin with, asking for a doggybag. This is followed by the masses. As soon as anything more is going to be, it will also enable the group to so that they without being conscious of doing so – once again for the majority of people to hear it.”

‘Doggybag is vuurwerkverbod after’

Take it compares to the doggybag with the national vuurwerkverbod. “First of all, you were an exception to the rule when you work for a ban on fireworks, it was. This position has now changed drastically. It is thanks to the media, unaware of a new social norm is created. This can also be done with the doggybag.”

“We’re seeing this year is that the younger people are, the more likely they are to get a doggybag to ask. There is a very positive development,” said Ackerman.

It is also clear that the people who are in a doggybag, it tend to eat at home the next day to eat it. Ackerman: “It goes away but most of the time is not yet, in the trash can.”

Restaurants should do more against food waste

Four out of five people will find that restaurants that have more to do with food waste, and almost three-quarters of all is that the restaurants always have doggybags would have to provide if there was food left over.

of the reason that launched by secretary Carola Schouten, Nature and Food quality, together with the Nature and the Environment, and the foundation-Together Against food Waste recently, and the new #verspillingsvrij logo for the hospitality industry, and at the same time, a new term for a doggybag, “the foodybag’.

The logo on the menu or on the front of the restaurant. “A very good initiative, also Take. “You are in such a way that the threshold is lower, and people will no doubt be faster than a foodybag questions.”

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