The DNC requires that a minimum of a female presenter at every primary debate

nearvideo crowded area of 2020 Democrats, a month away from the first presidential debate

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The Democratic National Committee is the implementation of a new requirement that each of its 12 upcoming presidential debates has at least confirmed a female presenter, Fox News.

The first debates June 26-27 in Miami. The second series of debates to be held on July 30-31 in Detroit.


The claim about female presenters, was first reported in this week from Refinery 29.

“The DNC is committed to an inclusive and fair debate process”, the DNC’s senior Advisor, Mary Beth Cahill, the website told. “This means that all 12 of the DNC sanctioned to ensure debates on a diverse group of presenters and discussion participants, including women and people of color, that the discussions reflect the concerns of all Americans.”

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It comes as it was revealed this week that the DNC makes it more difficult for the presidential candidates to qualify for the third and fourth round of primary debates.

The doubling of the threshold values, as some White house hopefuls still in the hunt, to the first and second rounds of the debate, the DNC mandates to criticize the debate stage. You say it is not the national party Committee has the task of “worfeln the field” so early in the race.

The DNC announced on Wednesday that the qualification for the third round of the debate, which they say will take place in September 12 and 13 — must the candidate received two percent or more of assistance in at least four national and early voting state polls recognized by the national party. The threshold for the first two rounds of debates-one percent in three polls.

Fox News’ Paul Steinhauser and The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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