The director, James Cameron, follows a oceaanmissie for National Geographic

James Cameron is going to be a series for the National Geographic to make. The director, known from, among others, Titanic and Avatar, will be available for the natuurzender Mission-OceanX, a documentary about the maiden voyage of the research ship Alucia2 of research OceanX.

The vessel is expected mid-2020 will be in the Indian Ocean on its way to begin with a variety of sea biologists and other experts will be on board. In connection with the filming of the new Avatar movies, Cameron’s own, and plans to stay on the ship.

In contrast to many of the existing onderwaterdocumentaires want Him in the series, telling it from the perspective of one of its members. “There will be challenges and psychological challenges. The crew will be disappointment to deal with the researchers”, says Cameron, to a Variety.

“However, there will be a lot of ontdekkingsmomenten it. I would like the audience to take this exciting journey.”

This perspectiefkeuze has a Short, inspired by explorer and researcher Jacques Cousteau, which is a lot of documentaireseries on his travels. “He went down on me,” says Cameron. “I’m not doing anything new. However, it is a way of how to make a documentary that will be forgotten in.”

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