The different faces of Brussels and creative chef Julien Sanders

Julien Sanders (28) is the vintage expert, creative consultant and designer. He is featured at number 22 in The 30 under 30 for Knack Weekend.

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1. “At the same time with my antiquairsopleiding at the Institut des Arts et Métiers in Brussels and specialized myself in the history of fashion from the twentieth century. The market for vintage clothing has always interested me, although they are still little known. The knowledge about luxury vintage is relatively new in comparison with France where there are a lot of collectors and auctions are also in demand by the archives of the Parisian couturehuizen. So I have myself under more with the archives of Chanel worked. After my studies I worked for various Parisian antique dealers, and I organized to sell: Les ventes the Sanders San. For each event searched I the wardrobe of individuals and then, for example, I defiléstukken of Tom Ford for Yves Saint Laurent offered. Garments have their own life and history, something I discovered through my encounters with the people that they had borne.”

2. “Now I use my knowledge of fashion and its history as a creative consultant. Fashion is by definition cyclical. Everything you see is an echo of the past. The analysis of the current trends and the comparison with that of the past, let me, therefore, to the trends of tomorrow to understand. So, I work behind the scenes of some Belgian fashion designers, of which I am the visual identity on a point set. That storytelling fascinates me greatly and is one of the reasons why I work admire of Benoît Bèthume and Jean-Paul Lespagnard, whose universe makes me want to travel.”

3. “At the moment, I will explain with a Belgian sewing the finishing touches to a capsulecollectie with shirts. A project which clearly my passion for luxury, vintage and noble fabrics will speak.”

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