The dictatorial features of Lionel Messi

In the Argentine squad everyone lives to the rhythm of Messi and the unknown coach Alejandro Sabella to his superstar to make sense.

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Few professional footballers who is so humble to be thought of as Lionel Messi. The Argentine looks beyond the football pitch as a brave an altar boy, and also between the lines, not really as a leader apply. In interviews with Messi disappointing there was nothing to report, he piles up the clichés. But in the Argentine squad everyone lives to the rhythm of Messi and the unknown coach Alejandro Sabella to his superstar to make sense. To create an atmosphere where Messi happy, that sees the coach as a very important point.

For that reason, for example, was Carlos Tévez left home. Although the charismatic attacker a good season knew at Juventus, he would be Messi, both figuratively and literally for the feet. Messi can with the aura of Tévez’t handle. The four-time world player of the Year, Sabella for the choice: Tévez or I. He was actually dictatorial features.

Messi would ever disturb on the presence of other celebrities. When Barcelona last season, Neymar has attracted, advised Johan Cruyff, still the voetbalgeweten of Catalonia, his ex-club to Messi to sell. He pointed to a number of stervoetballers not with Messi harmonieerden: Samuel Eto’o for example, or Zlatan Ibrahimovic. In addition to Messi, there is no place for a other football player on whom the spotlight is directed. Messi oppose that strongly. “I am not a dictator,” he says as he is about his dominance at the Barcelona and the Argentine national team is addressed.

Lionel Messi has with Barcelona, not the best season of his career behind the back. The arrival of Neymar freed him just as little as his club. Or has are to a lesser period of time other causes? Insiders want to know that Messi is everything to the contractverlening of Cristiano Ronaldo at Real Madrid, the Portuguese obtained the best paid footballer in the world. The board of directors of the Catalan club responded with lightning speed and came up with a contract proposal that Messi the next four years, each season of 24 million euro would produce. Thus, it remains Lionel Messi-the uncrowned king.

The king who is now Argentina to the world title shots. He started against Bosnia-Herzogovina faded and there but showed his class flare against Nigeria, and then Tuesday hit and miss to play football against Switzerland. Wondering what are the Saturday in the semi-final against the Red Devils. All will coach Sabella is sure hats pressure on his star. “We need him, especially alone,” he says.

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