The democratic socialists of America endorses Bernie Sanders, despite some members ‘ reservations

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Sanders, defends Democratic socialism, reaction and analysis from Fox News contributor Jessica Tarlov and Wall Street Journal columnist Jason Riley.

The Democratic socialists of America, whose membership ballooned after the 2016 candidacy of allied Bernie Sanders, sen, announced his endorsement this week by the Vermont legislature in his second bid for the democratic presidential nomination.

“Sanders is the only democratic, Socialist running for President in the year 2020, and the only socialist in the history of the United States with a serious chance at winning the presidency,” said the DSA in a press release. “Sanders is platform — the Green New Deal, Medicare for All, University for All, the termination of the cash Deposit, the strengthening of unions, and wage — Transformation of American society by ending the worst forms of poverty and inequality, while strengthening the workers to fight even more.”


While the confirmation comes as little surprise that some of the democratic socialists had raised concerns that Sanders, a socialist, is not Japanese enough.

“Sanders 2016 the progressive left, and DSA is turned in the largest socialist organization in America in the seventies,” the former Sanders campaign worker Dan La Botz wrote on the DSA website against Sanders endorsement. “Flooded with young people who have been angry at the democratic party, the DSA is a radical, activist organization, to project the need for a complete socialist transformation of America”.

“Sanders 2020 will not be wrote to the same effect,” La Botz. Not to be “Bernie will seem much different than other progressive Democrats, and his campaign threatens to lead to, DSA deep in the democratic party.”

About a quarter of the approximately 13,000 DSA members respond to the organization of the survey, before the decision, the senator said, you don’t have the support and endorsement of Sanders.

But other DSA-trailer, have discussed among themselves whether they should try to gain influence in the Democratic party or on their own under the socialist banner, see Sanders as their ticket to growth.

The apparent DSA member identified only as “Neal M.” wrote on the website of the organization: “DSA benefits of the single socialist organization active Sanders’ support in 2016. If we support with enthusiasm Sanders in the year 2020, DSA could be a 100,000 members, with significantly more capacity and resources.”

“The number one lesson we should learn is, starting in 2016, the small socialist organisations must be the big movements, which dominate the national policy.”

Sanders is a self-described democratic-socialist. He announced his democratic presidential candidacy last month, saying his campaign was “the creation of a government based on the principles of economic, social, racial and ecological justice.”

Sanders spoke to striking University workers in Los Angeles this week and complained about “a war against the working people.”

The DSA puts its membership at more than 56,000 people as of March. His long-term task is to run the candidates as socialists, and not under the Democratic party banner.

Sen Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., speaks, as he is the opener in his second presidential campaign on Saturday, 2. March, 2019, in the Brooklyn borough of New York. Sanders obliged to fight for “economic justice, social justice, racial justice and environmental justice.” (AP Photo/Craig rattle)

Ella Mahony of the DSA national political Committee, said in recent days that the democratic socialists have a unique spotlight now, more their anti-capitalist agenda and convert more Americans to socialism. Not Sanders, back up, you said on the DSA website, would mean losing the opportunity to push their message on a national stage.

“The combination of the Sanders campaign and the teachers strike has made the wave, our task as socialists, so much easier,” said Mahony. “Now we can go in one of our locations or jobs, and find to identify the people are ready not only as a trade unionist or as a social, rather than democratic socialists.”

Jon gates, center, wears a t-shirt promotion of democratic socialism during a meeting of the Southern Maine Democratic socialists of America to the City Hall in Portland, Maine, Monday, 16. Of July 2018. On the ground in dozens of States, there is new evidence that democratic socialism acts as a significant force in Democratic politics. (AP Photo/Charles Krupa)
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“It is our duty to take full advantage of this moment and the radicalizing processes happening in the formal political sphere, in work and in society as far as you can go, she added. “Whatever the details of the programme may mean for us, the rest of the world, the Bernie Sanders campaign is a referendum on socialist policies in the United States.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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