The Democrat leads bill to close the gym during the shutdown, singles from Paul Ryan

Speaker of the house of representatives, Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, rests, as he gives a farewell speech in the auditorium of the Library of Congress in Washington.

A Democratic lawmaker on Sunday legislation introduced in the vicinity of the Congress-fitness room and sauna during the partial government shutdown, the blame on the Republicans in General, and the speaker of the house of representatives, Paul Ryan, especially for abdication “of their responsibilities as representatives of the people.”

Rep. Bill Foster, D-Ill., was introduced the Shutdown prioritization Act ” (SPA) after the government shutdown Friday at midnight, led by President Donald Trump, the inability to reach an agreement on the financing of a border wall on the US-Mexican border. To work almost a half a million Federal employees that are to be expected as “important”, without pay, during the nearly 400,000 employees of the government, furloughed, without pay.

To pass the “President Trump and congressional Republicans’ refusal to open to sign a clean continuing resolution, the government-abdication of their responsibility as representatives of the people,” Foster said.


He has used blasted Republican leadership for allegedly deeming “the Congress-spa, which are due to the members of the house of representatives” is essential.'”

Promote, in particular, out of the speaker of the house of representatives Paul Ryan, R-Wis., who has a good reputation for his strict workout routine.

“Spokesman for Ryan to continue using the gym during this shutdown while Federal workers face uncertainty over the holidays. The only essential task of the members of Congress during a government shut down Foster is to go into negotiations on an end to the shutdown,” more. “It’s time to say, President Trump and the Congress-Republicans, until the end of their congressional perks, the focus during a shutdown, and how the government is run. We need Federal employees back to work, and financial resources for the priorities that are important to the American people.”

Foster has also co-Sponsor of the Federal employee Retroactive Pay Fairness Act, the back pay to Federal employees after the government shutdown.

Ryan, 48, is retiring at the end of his term of office in January as the Democrats control of the house.

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