The debates reach a disastrous conclusion

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‘Fox News @ Night” debate efficacy of the Democratic presidential debate between Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders.

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On the roster: The debates reach a disastrous conclusion – Dems prep for Tuesday’s vote amid virus fears the U.S. closer to a shutdown as the virus spreads out – This is a real kick in the brackets

It was a debate that nobody needs. It was a debate that no one but CNN and Bernie Sanders wanted to.

But there it was for the 120-terrible minutes, eh, two grumpy guys in their late 70s, the network-Washington, DC-the office locked up in an airless vault. Statler and Waldorf, coronavirus edition.

Networks host primary debates in the name of power — news by providing your audience with new, useful information about how to cast their votes. ies to sanction the debates for the same reason, but also to try to limit, to prevent the process, causing unnecessary damage to the candidates or to the entire brand.

The candidate to win debates in the name. But what happens when you use it for other reasons?

Sanders’ claim last week, in the continuation of his candidacy after getting beaten up, like an under-ripe melon in Tuesday’s election was that he wanted a chance to force, Joe Biden, Links to important topics and keep him there — he acknowledged, of his inevitable defeat, but said he wanted a principled Position.

But the only discernable purpose of the Sunday discussion in practice, it was Sanders allows (with the help of the moderators) try to hobble the party already staksigen legs presumptive nominee.

Sanders promised a final battle to the problems before the re-unification of the party, against President Trump. What he delivered, was taking a relentless attack on Biden, character and, by extension, the party that Sanders has never occurred but for a long time harassed.

Mathematically eliminated, but malicious attacks on the motives of those who is against his Position as Sanders all spent most of his 30 years in Congress, so it was a natural fit. After dangerous seriously for a few weeks as the frontrunner and always difficult questions, Sanders was back in his comfort mode: this is the film for the press to meet the demand of the actual Democrats, why are you against world peace and universal health care.

Biden can be up to two-to-one on Sanders in the final national poll, but in this studio, it was a four-to-one against Biden.

Sanders came to accuse Biden, the — take that literally — people – to want the support of the “slavery” of migrant workers to Social security and opposing gay marriage.

Sanders just got a difficult question — a good one of Dana Bash on his own prior support for changes to Social security — and a semi-tough question from Univision’s Ilia Calderón about his praise for the Castro regime. The rest of the time he was free, brain Biden.

The question that summed it all up for the event was one of Jake Tapper to Biden: “The price for your climate plan is about $1.7 trillion. The want is over $14 trillion in less than Senator Sanders, you will spend on this. Your plan is ambitious enough to tackle this crisis?”

How long ago is it that you stop to beat Gaia, Mr. Vice President?

Primaries voters — the supposed destination of the shipment — have said loud and clear for a year that their number one concern was electability, for example, the search for a candidate who can beat trump.

But no one asked Sanders how he explain to swing voters increases, massive tax-or what would be his response to the Republican attack-warning of economic disaster, or how far a modest cap-and-trade proposal once Democrats cost the house. Instead, Biden is asked why he takes care of the planet $12.3 trillion less than Sanders.

Biden’s campaign had promised that their candidate, the intention was to show that it is “a place” for Sanders and his supporters in their coalition. From the look and sound of Biden, it was clear, it was a place: A sweat, or maybe even a swirly.

For married Americans, the in-laws get together, this was an effective simulation of what dinner would be like with two fathers in law, who absolutely loathe each other.

Shouting, confusion, contempt, references to “YouTube,” nitpicking and under break — it was all there. Imagine that each of the salts their food before tasting it, and asking angry to replace cottage cheese for something, and you have the complete experience.

And just like the dinner, nothing was revealed and nothing was resolved.

After what we suspect (hope?) is was the last installment of the debacle that the Democrats ” 2020-debate Regime, keep in mind: There are 11 of these competitions and maybe only two or three of them, the value of the goods, a blockage of the nickel — ABC News and PBS/were Politically, the standouts were for democratic voters, who try their heads.

To effectively hobbled rising stars by jamming in the massively overcrowded stadiums with the brakes and the goofballs — one of them was with 20 candidates! and give the debates the opinions of the hosts, the Democrats had essentially only one debate, with six real contenders. And you thought it was in the last month, after the vote had already started. The party even found a way to grow the stage by returning Tom Steyer (!) for the debate before this, CBS News’ food fight in South Carolina.

But the worst thing of all is that you end up to this climax of the calamity.

After months of prevention of hard, credible survey of the actual candidate, the Democratic National Committee pay tribute to forced to be your last man standing, locked in a room for hours in what felt like a senior center performance of “Reservoir Dogs.”

What was the worst for the Democrats, however, was, how untrustworthy their presumptive nominee look at a time when the voters are very much in the mood for sober-sided, well-informed leadership.

With the race drew could have, in essence, via the network and offered to delay the event until the result of the this week, the competitions, or perhaps a one-hour virtual town hall, where the candidates respond to the concerns of the voters about what the significant disruption of American life since 9/11.

It is the Democrats ” to blame for the gland is the rules of your debate, but it felt like a push.

“The idea of restraining the legislative authority in the appropriations for the national defense, is one of those subtleties that owe their origin to a zeal for liberty more ardent than enlightened.” – Alexander Hamilton, Federalist No. 26

Research fellow, Lyman Stone examines how Christianity is to deal with epidemics since 2000 years. Foreign policy: “In search of moral resources for the management of COVID-19, both of their possible deaths and the fear that stalks our communities in addition to the disease, we have to look at the resources that in the past built. For me, the plagues of the past means to examine how people in my tradition, Christians, and especially Lutherans, have treated. And while people of all faiths and none, in front of the disease, the characteristic approach to epidemics, Christians have adopted, in the course of time, dusting herself off. … Because religious institutions in South Korea, Singapore, Iran, Hong Kong, and even Washington, DC, were on the top of the coronavirus transmission of this injunction, it is worth to remember. … The first victim of the Christians, our neighbors, our convenience, to take part as we, with enthusiasm, aggressive Hygiene measures and social distancing. This kind of humble concern for others is a powerful force. I’ve seen it at work in my neighbor in Hong Kong, whatever your beliefs.”

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Biden: 894
Sanders: 743
[Ed. Note: 1,991 delegates needed to win]

Average Approval: 44 Percent
The average of the rejection: 52.6 percent
Net Score: -8.6 Percent
Change from a week ago: ↓ 0.8 points
[Average, includes: NBC News/WSJ: 46% approve, reject – 51%; Quinnipiac University: 41% approve, reject – 54%; CNN: 45% approve – 52% lean; Fox News: 47% approve, reject – 52%; IBD/TIPP: 41% approve, reject – 54%.]

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WaPo: “after your first one-on-one debate, former Vice-President Joe Biden and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) both staging virtual events Monday on the eve of the four most important primaries in the democratic presidential-nomination contest transformed by the escalation of the Corona-Virus-pandemic. Sanders plans to hold a “virtual election campaign event” with celebrity guests, while Biden and his wife are hosting a “tele-town hall” with voters in the four States in the primaries to hold on Tuesday: Arizona, Florida, Illinois and Ohio. Election officials have said, go with the primaries, although Sanders questioned the wisdom of that during a post-debate interview on Sunday. During the debate, Biden said he would pick a woman as Vice-Chairman, as he wanted to underline his bona fides from his time in the White house with President Barack Obama. Sanders script largely stuck to his familiar, emphasized its long history with emphasis on topics such as health.”

Biden continues to hold the national leadership of Sanders – NBC News: “With the nomination of the Democrats running now on a one-on-one contest between former Vice-President Joe Biden and Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont in the Democratic primary voters now back in the Biden — who was a distant second, Sanders, until a month ago, with an overwhelming 2-to-1 ratio, according to a new NBC News/Wall Street Journal survey. The survey found that 61 percent of Democratic voters Biden support, while only 32 percent Sanders. … Among all registered voters, Biden will be President Donald Trump is outside the poll’s margin of error in a head-to-head competition. In a hypothetical one-on-one election to the Bundestag competition, 52 percent of voters say they would Biden choose, while 43 percent say they would choose trump. For Sanders, it is said, 49 percent said they would support him, while 45 percent back a Trump.”

Biden holds a 20-point lead in the Arizona survey, the Monmouth University: “Arizona’s Electoral College votes could be in play in November, according to a Monmouth University poll of registered voters in the state. Joe Biden has a slight lead over President Donald Trump, while Bernie Sanders associated with the incumbent, basically. In tomorrow’s democratic primary election, Biden has 20 points ahead of Sanders. The survey also finds that the Arizona U.S. Senate race could start with a Democratic edge, and, with the help of mark Kelly with a 6-point lead [50% to 44%] against Martha McSally. In the other survey, a majority of Arizona voters results are concerned about coronavirus beat your family, but the degree of concern varies greatly by party affiliation. Among Arizona voters who are considered likely to participate in the Democratic primaries for President, the support is currently at 51% for Biden and 31% for Sanders.”

Sanders notes Tuesday, the primaries should be postponed on coronavirus – Fox News: “sen Bernie Sanders seemed to suggest on Sunday that this week the Democratic elections should be postponed for safety reasons amid the fast-spreading coronavirus outbreak. In a post-debate interview on CNN, Sanders, I-Vt., referred to new guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the limitation of meeting released to not more than 50 people in the next eight weeks, as the country continues with the highly contagious COVID-19. … While some States are either considering the shift in the primaries, or have already decided to do so, to delay the officials, which was shown to be responsible for this week’s competitions, little inclination — instead, stresses safety precautions in place.”

AP: “officials in the whole country, limited to fight many elements of American life, of the Corona-Virus outbreak on Sunday, with health officials do not recommend that groups of 50 or more and a government, the experts say that a 14-day national shutdown may be required. Governors and mayors are closed, restaurants, bars, and schools, such as the nation sank deeper into chaos. Travellers returning from abroad were stuck in line for hours at the big airports, for film screenings, crammed together in exactly the kind of crowded rooms, that public health have pushed officials to avoid the people. In a sign of the impending economic gloom, the Federal Reserve in its key interest rate lowered to close to zero. President Donald Trump is trying to calm a nervous nation, by declaring that the government had “to stop enormous control” over the situation and urge people panic-buying food staples that has exhausted the shelves of retailers nationwide. Gun stores began to see a similar run on guns and ammunition, such as the panic intensified.”

House Corona-Virus package hits roadblocks – Political: “of The Senate to Washington to return Monday to work on a multi-billion-dollar-coronavirus-package, but the bill remains hung up in negotiations between Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the White house, according to several Capitol Hill sources. The Senate is expected this week, the massive cross-party emergency package out of the house to deal with the pandemic, after the cancellation of his week-long break. But much remains the uncertainty about the timing and logistics… Pelosi and Minister of Finance Steven Mnuchin were still working on the details on Monday. House sources said on Monday that “substantial differences” remained between the White house and house Democrats over what was adopted and must be changed. This is the slowing down of the time-table for home-completion in the invoice and send it to the Senate. Pelosi and administration officials still hope that they can reach a workable compromise, but were tight-lip about the state of things on Monday. The house passed the emergency package early Saturday morning, but needs corrections, some technical.”

Pergram: house coronavirus bill may be in trouble in the Senate – Fox News: “There is a school of thought that the Senate could simply take the house bill and pass it in place. But honestly, the lot is, of course, much more difficult than that. In fact, there are some technical problems in the preparation of the coronavirus legislation that requires to pass the house, the bill once again – perhaps with a skeleton staff later this week. …[If] the Senate blocked finally adjourned on Thursday in a procedural vote at 5:30 PM et Monday – with respect to FISA. … Nothing in relation to (at this point) possible coronavirus bill. … In other words, if the Senate wrap up FISA can quickly, only then the senators can advance to the coronavirus bill. But if FISA is stalled, who knows. … A top-helper [sen. Mitch] McConnell by e-Mail Capitol Hill press corps … [and] observed, that it would take the cooperation of the 100 senators, the coronavirus-invoice – regardless of the FISA. But, since the house still needs to fix the problem with his own statement, McConnell suggested Sunday evening that he would wait until the house confirms, once again, that the measure.”

Note for journalists: With coronavirus, first things first – the Boston Globe

SupCo March pushes oral arguments on coronavirus concerns – Fox News

President Trump ‘strongly’ considering a pardon of Michael Flynn – WaPo

“Every American adult should immediately to help get $1,000 to ensure that families and workers can meet their short-term obligations and increase spending in the economy.” – Sen. Mitt Romneyin a statement, urged the Federal government to the Americans to help deal with the economic damage caused by coronavirus.

“In view of the impudence of some Coronavirus-don’t have the condition refuses to stay at home in self-isolation, why governments simply do not do monitors on their ankles, a la inmates in home confinement, for the enforcement of their isolation?” – David Maegraith, Adelaide, Australia

[Ed. Note: don’t be silly, Mr Maegraith! Given what we are experiencing in Europe, it is quite possible, the worst is yet to come. But unless we live in a truly authoritarian state like China, the government simply does not have the power to prevent the contagion, if people refuse to comply with this. And here is the riddle of the liberal democracy: The system works only with a virtuous people. To the people a maximum of freedom, they must be capable of maximum self-control. Authoritarianism is both a response to and cause of a hollow culture, in which people do not self-regulate. In America, Australia and the rest of the Anglo-Saxon space, our systems rely on the fact that civic and community – minded citizens to take care of themselves and each other in times of crisis. (Look at the botch the FBI agents make, the things so far, it seems like a pretty good deal, too.) Maybe we are past the point where the Americans and the Australians can, organize themselves in small trains, with questions like these. Maybe we have to be monitored all the ankle. But I don’t think so. I think we are even harder, more loving things than that.]

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WaPo: “[Brandon Margolis], a television writer in Los Angeles, started looking into getting a vasectomy. … If the planner found that the date of the opening for the 20. A day, if it was wall-to-March-to-wall college basketball on TV, Margolis, 39, he replied: “This is my day.’ To observe its operation is still on as planned, but there will be no basketball or almost all of the live sports during convalescence. Almost all of the major North American sporting organization this week canceled or postponed their planned competitions due to the outbreak of the novel coronavirus are confirmed. That was, uh, sobering for the male sports-fans, the planned vasectomy to coincide with March madness. Urologists have seen in a long time, a rise in the appointments for the surgery in time for the tournament is tip-off. Doctors usually 48 hours bed rest do not prescribe to get to patients snipped, to spend a period of time select a large number of men,, on the couch or in bed to watch the tire while, in the hope that your brackets get busted.”

“What is at issue is not high principle but adaptation to a change in linguistic nuance. A close call, but I personally would err on the side of not using the word if others are available.” – Charles Krauthammer (1950-2018) writes in the Washington Post on Oct. 17, 2013.

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