The dead and wounded in the opgelaaide protests in Papua

In the clashes between protesters and government forces in the indonesian-controlled part of the island of New Guinea, Monday, twenty people died as a result. At least 65 people were injured.

There was unrest in the town of Wamena, where are the protesters, buildings on fire.

There were several gunshots heard. According to a spokesperson for the Indonesian army, and the situation is now stable.

Also, in other parts of Papua are conflicts can arise. In Jayapura, the capital city of the region, with protests in at least four deaths, including one police officer.

Unrest due to racial and ethnic discrimination

New guinea has, since the middle of August to deal with the biggest upheaval in years. In response to the protests has been an incident involving a group of West Papoease students in the port city of Surabaya.

The students, during the Indonesian independence day, by the authorities, using tear gas out of their home chased after them with a national flag, it would have been.

The unrest was rekindled after the rumor went around that a non-indigenous teacher in Papua, a student “monkey” to it. The chief of police in Wamena, calls this a myth.


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