The dead and the seriously injured after a bijenaanval on the twentieth of the Dutch in Tanzania

In the north of the country, a Dutch tourist was killed when his group was attacked by a swarm of honey bees, confirms a spokesman Bastiaan Govers, of travel The on Friday Another Dutchman, is in a very critical condition in the hospital.

The group of twenty, the Dutch went through to the huge game reserve-the Selous National Park, in which tens of thousands of square miles of country to cover. In a remote place, the group are attacked by the geafrikaniseerde honeybee, an aggressive species known as the killer bee, says Govers.

A group of doctors, would a helicopter be flown in for the party to help out. So far as known, were all of the Dutch are bees on it.

One of the passengers wrote on social media that the group was spending hours in a mud pit and had to take refuge from the swarm of bees, and after a few hours, had to drive for a while before they are in a hospital for four.

The injured were taken to a hospital in the coastal city of Dar es Salaam. Except for the seriously injured Dutchman, it would still be two Dutch tourists, to recover. According to Govers and are they tomorrow from the hospital.

A team of Dutch doctors, SOS International, flown in to take the injured to be treated. As a member of the travel is added to the group’s business.

Geafrikaniseerde honey-bee, known as ‘very aggressive’

Of the animal, and it is well-known that it’s a quick cross to the threats, and is in a swarm moved in. Believed to have been the Dutch, a bee hive, the swarm is too close to a close, and the bees in their area and aggressively approaching this.

The venom in the sting of a few, it is not enough for a man to kill him. In the case of repeated stings, but is dangerous. Reportedly, the group is attacked by the thousands to the tens of thousands of ‘watchmen’.


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