The dead and injured in attack on luxury hotel in the Kenyan capital Nairobi

A terrorist attack on a luxury hotel in the Kenyan capital Nairobi Tuesday afternoon, according to news agency AFP, five dead cases. At least eight people are injured. Hours after the beginning of the attack sounded a gunfight in the hotel.

According to the Kenyan police began the attack with explosions at cars in front of the hotel, followed by a suicide bombing in the hotel. Meanwhile, six of the seven floors of the hotel by the security forces cleared after firefights.

Security forces have a large rescue operation launched for hotel guests to evacuate.

Hours after the attack began, were there still gunfire. Ambulances drive off and on and three hospitals in the city asking people to donate blood.

The Somali terroristengroepering Al Shabaab has the responsibility for the attack claimed. The movement has more often attacks perpetrated in Kenya.

The attack took place in the Dusit, a hotel, a large Thai chain located on the Riverside Drive on the chic north side of the city centre. On television images of Kenyan channels is to see that there is smoke coming from the building.

On Twitter published images from a distance. That is to see that people from the hotel run. Also, some cars on fire in the parking lot of the complex.

“Four armed terrorists’ in the luxurious complex

An eyewitness showed to Reuters news agency know, “attacked”, and then the connection was broken.

Eyewitnesses told the newspaper, the Daily Nation that four in black and put “armed terrorists” for an attack on the Riverside Drive, the luxurious complex of 14 Riverside as a target. In this are banks, offices and hotels, including the Dusit, located.

The police have the area around the hotel is hermetically sealed. The Dutch embassy is also on the Riverside Drive, about 1 kilometre away.

The terrorist attack of Tuesday is the first major attack in Nairobi since 2013. Militants from Al Shabaab killed at that time 67 people in Westgate Mall. That shopping mall is 3 km away from the Dusit hotel.


Agents run to the place of attack at hotel Nairobi

Embassy finds out if the Dutch are involved

The ministry of Foreign Affairs to let you know that the Dutch embassy is in close contact with the local authorities. The embassy finds out if the Dutch are involved.

People who are in Nairobi and need help, be called upon to contact the ministry.

Shots and explosions at hotel in the centre of #Nairobi. The embassy is in contact with the local authorities and find out if the Dutch are involved.
Are you in Nairobi and need your help? Foreign Affairs is available 24/7 on +31 247 247 247

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