The day of the diet: What role can diet play in type 2 diabetes?

A good power supply is the last time, on the interest, as a response to different conditions, such as in reducing the incidence of type 2 diabetes. What are the roles of a dietician there? We ask that on the Day of the diet (september 19) at Connie Corner, a dietitian, and are involved in the

Is it really possible to have type 2 diabetes to reverse it?

Angle: “That is not the case for all patients. However, a large part of it may be with the help of the other pattern and in any other leefstijlaanpassingen are less of an insulin increase. Some of them have on the period in which no medication to use it.”

So how does it work? What is type 2 diabetes really mean?

“What is there to type 2 diabetes, something goes wrong, it is the function of the hormone insulin. Usually, our body’s insulin to move the glucose into the blood, the tissues are to be transported to the muscles, where glucose serves as food.”

“2 Diabetes patients make insulin, but the cells respond less and less well. As a result, high levels of glucose in the bloodstream, it is not possible, and that is the glucosepeil in the blood are too high.”

2 Diabetes patients make insulin, but the cells respond less and less well. If the medications do not work, patients must have insulin injections. (Photo: Thinkstock)

And that’s bad?

“Yes, it is a high glucosepeil to ensure that the body is the balance to be restored. It doesn’t come through in the normal way. The result is a series of reactions at many different levels of damage to the body. In the long term, it increases as diabetes, in that way, the chances of age-related diseases such as heart disease, cancer, stroke, eye and kidney problems, and dementia.”

Why would you go to a dietician to diabetes type 2? There are medications for it?

“That’s right. The doctor writes the first time, pills to make the body more sensitive to insulin. And then, there are other pills that are the body to turn to insulin to do. If that does not work, must be a lot of people suffering from diabetes, insulin bijspuiten.”

“That usually works very well, but in the long run, there should be more and more insulin, in the. In addition, the high insulineconcentraties a lot of side effects. They also increase the blood pressure. You have come to. And there is evidence to suggest that the growth of the cancer cells.”

“In the long term, it increases as diabetes, the chances of age-related diseases such as heart disease, cancer, and dementia.”
Connie Corner, or a dietitian

You will end up, therefore, of the rain and into the fire?

“Drugs deal with the root of the problem not at all. You will also lowers blood glucose levels by insulin and to increase it, but it doesn’t do anything to address the underlying cause: the inability of the body to insulin. With the proper diet, you can suikerwaarden down. Among other things, through abdominal fat reduction. The only problem is that the weight loss is for people with type 2 diabetes, is extremely hard to do.”

How can I do that?

“This is due to high insulin levels. Every time you eat something, increase the mirror. Indirectly, this means that your body is going to crave more food. It makes you hungrier and more tired of it.”

How do you get that vicious cycle break?

“Because processed carbohydrates are to be avoided. It comes down to a limited, slow carbs, such as vegetables, beans, fruits, nuts, sufficient protein and healthy fats. This enables your body to be about suikerverbranding fat burning.”

Avoid processed sugars, but eat fruit, nuts, and healthy fats. (Photo: Getty Images)

Body. That’s bad for the cholesterol?

“For many years, it was indeed the thought that fat is bad for us. We would be only to be expected from it. But it turns out to be. In fact, the good fats from olive oil and nuts protect us against all kinds of diseases. By taking into account the content of the so-called “good” cholesterol levels increase, the balance will be between ” bad ” and “good” cholesterol are better.”

What do you think is the role of the dietician?

“Listen to the patient and his or her ideas. Everyone can do something to improve the way of life, but usually it is not just by diet and exercise. Often it is also a lot to be gained with the help of stress relief and better sleep at night. Also, these things have a role to play.”

“I think it’s always very useful to see how people’s mental and emotional growth when they feel that they have some control over their disease. It is for a lot of people are very happy to have not only the look and feel of the patient, but also to himself, something to keep you healthy and to be able to do that.”

Connie Corner, as a dietitian, involved in Time, Diabetes to To leefstijlprogramma of the Foundation of Power Living.

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