The damage hurricane Harvey may be larger than 125 billion dollars of Katrina

The damage hurricane Harvey may be larger than 125 billion dollars of Katrina

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Texas has perhaps much more than 125 billion dollars (105 billion euros) is needed from the Us government to the reconstruction after hurricane Harvey to finance. That has governor Greg Abbott said Wednesday during a press conference.

Harvey founded the past few days wreaked havoc in Texas, mainly due to the unprecedented amount of rain. Now, the focus is on the safety of citizens, but when it stops raining, are authorities in the area for the next challenges. Thus, the water from the city to be achieved and a large part of infrastructure be re-built.

According to Abbott Harvey an even greater impact than hurricane Katrina, which in 2005 managed in New Orleans. The government came up with 125 billion over the bridge for the reconstruction. Given the extent of the damage in Houston and far beyond to think Abbott that there are still significantly more will be needed.

Satellite images

The European Union shoots for the United States to help with satellite images of the havoc that Harvey has done. The Us authorities have themselves asked for, according to the European Commission. Using data from the European Sentinel satellites is the damage in the affected area to be mapped.


The most remarkable images of tropical storm Harvey


The federal office for emergency relief FEMA now has 37 million pledged as first assistance for the victims and more than five million meals have been arranged. The governor said that more than 32,000 Texans that their home had to leave in the shelters sit. The help of the Mexican government, which has offered boats, vehicles, and food supply, thank accepted.

Death toll rises

Harvey has according to the authorities, in the meantime, is definitely twenty-five human lives. Many of the victims were during attempts of their place of residence to leave surprised by the high water. In Harris County, with Houston as the capital, be sure seventeen people unaccounted for. The authorities have so far 3,500 people were saved from the floods. The gouvermeur of Texas has the entire National Guard of the state, with 12,000 members, called in to assist with the evacuations.


The National Hurricane Center (NHC) showed Wednesday, know that Harvey, who is now above Louisiana is no longer a tropical storm, but weakened to a tropical depression. That does not mean, however, that the long-term rainfall is behind us.

That is the case in the region of Houston, where meanwhile, the first scheduled flight since hurricane Harvey land again is left. It comes to a flight to Los Angeles. Also, the port of Houston will soon be open again, said mayor Sylvester Turner.

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