‘The consumer still has difficulty with interpreting expiration dates’

‘The consumer still has difficulty with interpreting expiration dates’

Consumers have difficulty correctly interpreting expiration dates on packages of food. According to the Centraal Bureau Levensmiddelenhandel (CBL) would be a better explanation about the shelf life of products, also after opening a packaging, food waste can be prevented.

For the average consumer would be the difference between t.h.t. (at least best) and t.g.t. (to use to) sufficiently clear. Also throw many consumers, often unfairly, of food immediately after the expiration of the t.h.t.-date way.

“That is a product over the expiration date goes, does not automatically mean that it is tainted,” said the CBL. “On the other hand, applies to containers which are open not more of the stated expiry date”

By the correct way with expiration dates to go, according to the CBL up to 14 pounds of waste per person per year can be avoided. Mainly dry groceries like rice and pasta should often be kept longer than the indicated dates. The bureau recommends consumers strongly to the senses to use. “Look, look odd, taste,” according to a zegsvrouw.


Bodies, including supermarkets and the politics,,, consumers are better informed about the meaning of the expiration dates and how to deal with this. Before they signed Thursday, during the so-called National Voedseltop an agreement. The deal is one of the measures that is taken to the waste to reduce.

The CBL goes a step further. It calls the connected supermarkets on t.h.t.-data is not shorter to fix than is necessary for optimal preservation of quality. Also, where the European regulations allow this, no expiration date on a package should be put, unless there is a plausible reason. As an example, mentions the CBL, including fresh vegetables and fruit, herbs, sweets and candy, chewing gum, vinegar and alcoholic beverages.

The CBL stressed that the proposed measures are not to the detriment of the food security and properly informing consumers.

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