The conservatives defend Trump DC circuit pick Neomi Rao, according to GOP Sen. Hawley raises abortion concerns

nearvideo judicial nominee Neomi Rao to get “Kavanaugh treatment”

To rush of conservative politicians, legal experts and activists groups to the all-out defense of the President Trumps DC Circuit Court of Appeals nominee Neomi Rao, proposed according to a first Republican senator, he could views of the vote against her confirmation, because they may harbor pro-choice.

Rao, who would now-Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh is vacated, the seat of the country’s most influential court of appeal, was questioned earlier this month by Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee regarding their recent writings, the intoxicated implied women some blame to share, if you are raped. The waste of even a handful of conservatives to scuttle could majority Rao confirmation in the Senate, where Republicans hold a slim 53-47.

Missouri Republican Sen. Josh Hawley has Axios over the weekend that he had “heard directly from at least one Person said Rao said personally to you, she was pro-choice.” Hawley is clear: “I don’t know if that’s true, but that’s why we do our due diligence.”

Rao, 45, currently serves as administrator of the White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, and observers have said they played a key role in the execution of the Trump government’s deregulation agenda. You would serve the first South Asian woman on a Federal appellate court.


However, Rao has never tried a case in state or federal court, and some of their writings-including as a professor at the George Mason University School of Law, later renamed the Antonin Scalia School of Law — increase the leading conservative, last-minute concerns.

Freshman Missouri Republican Sen. Josh Hawley has suggested he might vote against Neomi Rao, the President of Trump replacement for Brett Kavanaugh to the DC Circuit Court of Appeals (AP Photo/Jeff Roberson, file)

According to Hawley, Rao’s academic writings, they support the concept of “substantive due process given,” a legal framework, to identify constitutional rights not explicitly by the text of the Constitution. The conservatives have fiercely opposed the use of substantive due process, some rights, including the right to privacy and abortion, which does not imply expressly in the text of the Constitution, but allegedly


“I’m only going to support candidates who have a strong record on life,” Hawley Axios. “For me, means … someone whose record shows that they have respect for what the Supreme court itself has the interests of the unborn child; someone, whose record indicates that they will protect the ability of States and local governments for the protection of the interests of the unborn child to the maximum extent possible … and number three is someone who will not extend the doctrines of Roe v. Wade and Casey, I think, are deeply incompatible with the Constitution.”

Roe v. Wade and planned Parenthood v. Casey were to be found in the seminal Supreme court cases, and to define a constitutional right to an abortion. But, conservatives, and scholars are aggressively pushes back Hawley concern this week, namely different, that there is no evidence that Rao is pro-choice and some are suggesting that even if you supported the right to abortion, their personal views should not bar her from judicial service.

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Carrie Severino, Chief Counsel and policy Director at the conservative judicial crisis network, accused Hawley of the continuation of the policy of the Democrats he defeated in last November, then-Sen. Claire McCaskill.

“Unfortunately, barely a month after his move to Washington, Josh Hawley is already acting like Claire McCaskill, when it is said to judge,” Severino. “Instead of support, the President of Trump’s top court nominees, he shall submit the same type of rumor and innuendo and character assassination, the Republican leader, fought during justice Kavanaugh’s confirmation. Hawley could work to confirm that they, and other exceptional candidates, but it seems that he prefer to be in the headlines.”

Hawley does not respond to Fox News’ request for comment.

Columnist Quin Hillyers, meanwhile, wrote in The Washington Examiner, Hawley ‘ s approach a “sensitive” push for a judicial litmus test.

“The conservatives have long argued, correctly, that the professional qualifications and personal integrity, together with a basic commitment to the Constitution itself, should be the only determinants of the nominees for” fitness for the appointment of a Federal judge,” wrote Hillyers. “In particular, the conservatives have inveighed against any result-oriented, single-issue litmus tests for judges, especially for those below the level of the Supreme court.”

Neomi Rao smiled, as President, Trump announced his intention to appoint you to fill Brett Kavanaugh’s seat on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit last November. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci, File)

In a statement, Club for Growth President David McIntosh Rao praised as an “originalist, the loyalty to the Constitution,” citing her work on the deregulation in the Trump White house. McIntosh, whose organization is devoted to the reduction of taxes, also awesome ” Rao’s “extensive knowledge of the administrative regulations.”

“I know Neomi for decades, and have no doubt that you said a principled lawyer, cut from the same cloth as the judges Scalia and Thomas,” McIntosh. “Senate Republicans should not be thrown out of the track of rumors and innuendo.”


To defend In a series of similar statements, other conservative lights Rao strung. Ed Meese, former attorney General under President Ronald Reagan, said that he also knew personally the Rao and could vouch for their commitment to the rule of law

“I have had the privilege to know Professor Neomi Rao, and have been watching your work since you first began teaching at the Scalia Law School at George Mason University,” him. “She has to support her life’s mission to in the Constitution as it is written, and she understands the proper judicial role in our society and which requires the judge, if the Interpretation of the Constitution and the laws. I have no doubt that the maintenance of the rule of law and not legislating from the bench.”

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Ralph Reed, the Chairman of the non-Profit Faith and freedom Coalition, which focuses on raising the awareness of evangelicals, said he supported confirmation of Rao’s, and claimed that “their judicial philosophy, in contrast to Federal judges issuing orders untethered from the enumerated rights in the Constitution.”

Conservative groups have also spending ramped up with hundreds of thousands of dollars in media, public relations to promote Rao, whose rocky hearing already gave some analysts cause for alarm. Democrats hammered Rao for the work contributed to the kill of the legislation you champion, while the Republicans, the question of their past writings on sexual assault.

In a 1994 opinion column, Rao wrote: “unless someone made her drinks undetectably strong, or down forced to your throat, a woman, like a man who decides to drink when and how much. And if you drink to the point where you can no longer choose, well, was always a part of your choice.”

To be a good way to a possible rape “quite sober,” Rao added.

“To be honest, a look back at some of these writings … I cringe at some of the language I used,” Rao said, the Senate judiciary add to the Committee earlier this month, that the Scriptures, in which they criticized “affirmative action” and suggested that intoxicated women were partially responsible for date rape has not necessarily your current thinking.


“I think I’ve matured as a thinker, writer and, in fact, as a person,” she said.

Sen. Joni Ernst, R-Iowa, revealed recently that she was raped by her friend in the college, said Rao’s writings “give me a break,” because of the message that you have sent to young women who may be reluctant to report a rape.

Fox News’ Alex Pappas and The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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