The Congo, starting in October, use of a second vaccine against the ebola

In the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) from October, however, a second vaccine against ebola to use it. Rather, the use of this tool by the authorities and arrested. The world health organization (WHO), and the time of the start-up announced Monday.

Since the beginning of the ebola outbreak in August of last year, the authorities have access to only one vaccine. The agent of the manufacturer, Merck, has so far been used in almost a quarter of a million people.

The second vaccine, made by a company of Johnson & Johnson, and has been used in the neighbouring country, Uganda, and Guinea. In contrast to the first vaccine, the two injections may be necessary. The second injection is made after a waiting period of 56 days.

The Congolese minister of Health of the Oly Ilunga said in July that the safety and effectiveness of Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine is not proven. The politicians stepped in shortly after, when he was out of the team, that is, with the ebola concerns. This is the team explains that the vaccine is indeed safe and secure.

The minister also expressed his concern about the reaction of the local population. A lot of people from the DRC, distrust in the vaccine due to rumors that co-occur because both of these vaccines are experimental, are. Those rumors make it difficult to fight against the ebola in the DRC.

The second #Ebola vaccine – which is given as a 2-dose course of the 56 days apart, will be provided to at-risk populations in areas that do not have an active Ebola transmission in the #DRC as an additional tool to extend the protection against the virus

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The vaccine will be offered to traders

The authorities of the African country, the new vaccine is mid-October, to sell to Local merchants who regularly travel to Rwanda with travel. These are followed by the provinces in and around North Kivu, the province where most of the ebolabesmettingen to take place.

The vaccine from Merck is used in the so-called ringvaccinaties. These are the people who have been in contact with a ebolapatiënt have been vaccinated. Contact one of these people will then have the means of self-administered.

According to the WHO, the Merck vaccine, which is up to twelve months of protection is very effective. Research suggests that as many as 97.5 percent of the vaccinated individuals to protect against ebola.


Ebola outbreak in dr Congo: Why will the virus ever go back?

Lack of clarity about the distribution in Tanzania

The outbreak has now expanded to several other provinces in the DRC. Although there are a small number of infections in Uganda, which has been carried out, the virus can not spread further.

There is still a lack of clarity about the situation in the country of Tanzania. The authority of this neighbouring country, refuse to get detailed information about the alleged ebolapatiënten declared by the WHO last week. There may be a few of the infections have been a single death as a result.

While the current ebola outbreak, more than 2100 people for the life to come. It is the second-largest ebola outbreak ever. The WTO talks in July as an international health emergency.


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