The College a call on reclameplan NPO: Not relying too much on a budget

The board of the Broadcasters, which is the consultation body consisting of the directors out of the eight broadcasters who broadcast on the NPO’s, can be found in the plans of the ministry of the public service broadcaster has. However, the College has some concerns about its plans, says president Fred Lock in call with the

“The most important thing is that we don’t go relying too much on the budget,” says Lock. “There is some concern, however, the room for innovation is even more important now.”

Because of the government’s plan is to make the public service broadcaster until 20: 00 hours, free of advertising and because of this, a portion of the advertising revenue that is lost, the public service broadcaster, according to figures from the government, about 60 million are wrong. From 2020 onwards, the rijksmediabijdrage be increased by eur 40 million. This means that the public service broadcaster, it is estimated that 20 million to do so.

But in the letter, according to Lock, the chairman of the board of the Broadcasters will also see something else: “There is a need for more space and service in order to service specific target groups and have more freedom to be online to be able to operate. And that’s a positive.”

Broadcasters would like the online programming book

As the Co-director also said that the financial part of the government’s plans, much attention is given to it, but stressed that the minister of state for primary and Secondary schools and in the Media, Arie Slob is a serious and good effort to make the public system and to modernise it.

“It’s the variety,” says Lock. “The plans are to provide space and programming for all of the sounds from the different stations, and that diversity, I am a believer. Public service broadcasting is paid for by taxes, then it is important that the citizens will be able to recognize at least a part of the program.”

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With this, there is little change in the NPO, with the new measures taken by the government

The plan is that the programming itself, and more are expanding to online, the government hopes that the NPO’s are going to be focusing on the use of different platforms for content dissemination in order to improve young people appear to be falling into good soil in the different channels. “It is critical that new generations of public service broadcasting is to continue to show their commitment”, says Lock. “In the past it was the tv, centrally, that is now becoming more of smartphone. For us, it is very important that we have young people on the public broadcasting service were able to establish.”

The broadcasters want to make quick work of the onlineprogrammering a push. This also applies to the interpretation of the NPO3, which is of a regional character in the future. “The networks are strongly rooted in the region. I would like to talk about in a conversation with the NPO,” says Lock.

Last Friday, the council of ministers is in the planning minister’s Slot for the public broadcasting service is partially ad-free to. The prime minister hopes that the public broadcaster is more future proof. It is intended that this plan, in 2021 a reality.

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