The Coach of FC Twente Women-based all-in-CL-switch-off after a losing night

Tommy Stroot, the coach of FC Twente’s Women, based in the uefa Champions League elimination after losing 6-0 defeat, with his team on a visit to VfL Wolfsburg. According to the trainer, the gap is simply too large.

“In fact, we know what is going to happen, but now that we know what it feels like. We are disappointed, but we have a lesson to be had by all. It will make the relations clear,” said Stroot, at RADIO and television East.

FC Twente will know that it is very tough, it would be against Germany, which was one of the favorites to be the Champions League final to win it. The Germans have won the most prestigious tournament in 2013 and 2014, and were held in 2016 or 2018 also in the final round.

Stroot and saw that his team simply tekortkwam in Germany. “If the pressure is extremely high, we are not the same things. We had a pretty nice stage, but we need to see more of ourselves, and demand,” he said.

“Close to the 3-0, we felt like we have a little more grip is gained, but at the time it was in a corner and not very well hidden, and it was 3-0.”

The players of FC Twente and have had all the trouble to get the opponent to stop it. (Photo: Getty Images)

“Maybe to score goal’s

The return is in two weeks at the Grolsch Veste in Enschede, the netherlands, is due to the 6-0 result was a mere formality. Nevertheless, hope Stroot, which, according to that, it has been determined that as much as possible for the spectators to stand and sit.

“Who’s the best team in Europe, and the work will be at The Grolsch Veste is to come. So, we need to see it. No Dutch team has ever been in the quarter-final of the uefa Champions League of scores, so we may have that as a goal at any time.

Halfway through, it was in Germany-Twente 2-0. Half was Orange, international, Dominique Bloodworth it 3-0, and the defender made just for a period of time with a fine free-kick in for the first time.

Last season, there was a lack also of a Dutch club did not get past the eighth-finals. Olympique Lyon, along with Germany the best team of the time, it was about the two men at the front are much too high.

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