‘The club keeps faith in the arrival of Eriksen’

Clubs in the Netherlands and surrounding countries, up to the 31st of January, selections will be strengthened. In this post, you can read all of the transfernieuws, confirmed the deals to the wild rumors to the contrary.

Hello, and welcome to our Transferupdates-liveblog! My name is Rob Hirschmann, and I’ll keep you up to date with the latest news and latest rumors in transfergebied.Transferupdates 15 minutes agoUnited are thinking of Ighalo, or Slimani, a temporary rush’
Manchester United will want this winter, and still have an extra striker in the selection, to add to the injury of Marcus Rashford. Yesterday, was the name of the veteran, Carlos Tevez, but also, Odion Ighalo, and Islam Slimani could be on the wish list. In the case that Ighalo is currently in China, Shanghai Shenhua, but is left in the Car all nice things to see in the Premier League for sixteen goals in 2015/2016). The 31-year-old Slimani is current AS Monaco is leased from Leicester City. (Source: Sky Sports)Transferupdates 路 22 hours ago‘, Newcastle United, rent Lazaro, from Inter -‘
We will stay at The club because of the Italian club, rent, Valentino Lazaro at Newcastle United. The 23-year-old midfield player from Austria will play to the end of the season, with the number fourteen in the Premier League.

馃敘 @valentinolazaro will wear the squad number 2锔忊儯3锔忊儯 for Newcastle United!

AvatarAuteurNewcastle United FCMoment of plaatsen16:04 pm – January 24, 2020Transferupdates 路 29 minutes ago, the‘Inter-means to trust in the arrival of Eriksen’
The club is said to be confident of the arrival of Christian Eriksen. The-Italian-club competition of FC Barcelona, but is expected to still make a deal with the Spurs. The Danish midfielder, according to the latest reports the next week, officially, a player that Inter have been. With a move, it would be a good eur 20 million gain on the transfer. The 27-year-old Eriksen is the end of the season press conference. (Source: Evening Standard)Transferupdates-four hours ago,and Willem II will take Ndayishimiye once and for all
William II takes over the Mike Association Ndayishimiye once and for all on the NEC. The twenty-year-old midfielder, who is highly impressed with this season, the people of tilburg, it is now up to the mid-2023. The Belgian designer was until now rented by William II, with an option to buy. That option has now been lifted. Ndayishimiye scored this season, four times in fourteen Premier league-club.

馃棡 Ndayishimiye, until 2023, under a contract

AvatarAuteurWillem IIMoment of plaatsen16:22 – 24 January 2020Transferupdates 路 2 hours ago –Short takes his Tronstad
Sprint adds a cabin belonging to sondre Tronstad to the selection. The 24-year-old midfielder, comes from Norway’s Haugesund, and sign up for the summer of 2023, when the club from Arnhem, the netherlands. Sprint has let us know that, Tronstad directly connected with the selection, but this weekend is not yet in action.

Our newest addition: cabin belonging to sondre Tronstad 馃挍馃枻
Welcome to Arnhem!

AvatarAuteurVitesseMoment of plaatsen15:45 am – January 24, 2020Transferupdates 路 2 hours ago theLawyer will charge quickly Bozen铆k
Dick Advocaat is expected that the transfer of R贸bert Bozen铆k for the Team to quickly complete it. According to a variety of media, the Slovakian international, in Rotterdam in return for the transfer to complete. The lawyer would not confirm it, but I hear that it looks good”. “At the moment, nothing is signed, so I don’t know if he will, for the first time to join the training,” said the veteran coach, at the press conference. Bozen铆k need to be in The Cockpit, with Nicolai J酶rgensen are going to compete.Transferupdates 路 3 hours ago‘Fenerbah莽e will be allowed to have This to rent
La Gazetta dello Sport is reporting that Fenerbah莽e, the Turkish football association have given permission for Ricardo Rodriguez to rent. The 27-year-old full-on, AC Milan is also due to PSV being desired, but the Locals seem to be out of the net to the fish. Before, it was clear that the Turkish club will have a player to sell in order to have the green light to hire, but in the meantime the association is so active. The club also has an option to buy for 5 million euros was stipulated. (Source: La Gazzetta dello Sport)Transferupdates 路 7 hrs ago –PSV eindhoven explains the Norwegian jeugdinternational Geelmuyden fixed
PSV eindhoven, the eighteen-year-old In Herman, Geelmuyden roster. The attacker, who in the past few years, many times I did an internship in Eindhoven, the netherlands, is set up to 2023, fixed in Eindhoven, the netherlands. He will join the Young PSV eindhoven. In Norway he has played for Stabaek for the past five races at the highest level.

Welcome to the club, 饾檭饾櫄饾櫑饾櫌饾櫀饾櫍 饾檪饾櫄饾櫄饾櫋饾櫌饾櫔饾櫘饾櫃饾櫄饾櫍 馃

AvatarAuteurPSVMoment of plaatsen10:01 pm – January 24, 2020Transferupdates 路 8 hours ago‘ESO put in full on the Hyballa as a new trainer
If we have BN Voting are to be believed, then it was that Peter Hyballa to the board of directors of NAC and the droomkandidaat the trainersfunctie in Breda, the netherlands. The 44-year-old German to enjoy the club’s preference to work by Kees van of Wonders. The paper is based on several independent from each other sources”. Hyballa has since resigned from the Slovak republic Dunajska Streda clubloos. It is said to be a contract for a year and a half for him to get ready. (Source: BN DeStem)Transferupdates 路 10 hours ago there areAlso FC Barcelona, and reports in a battle for Eriksen’
According to Sky Sports, we have a new chapter to add to the soap opera around Christian Eriksen. In the Table and will be for some time, and have been linked with The club, but it could also be the FC Barcelona is back in the days when the midfielder of Tottenham Hotspur. The chance for the Catalans to him, in front of the Italians poaching, however, seems to be small: Eriksen is said to be, namely a personal all around The club. The club, however, is still not out. (Source: Sky Sports)Transferupdates 路 yesterday at 21:35 and‘Bozenik would prefer to go to the Club’
We’re going to have to be a good opportunity to reinforce Robert’s Bozenik. The twenty-year-old striker would be a zaakwaarnemener, and the Club’s management have an employment contract with the People is better than a contract in the PERFORMANCE. MSK Zilina, the current boss of the Slovak would prefer to do business with the HSV, but don’t want to be demanding though on the personal preference of the player. Bozenik looks to be more opportunities for themselves in the Premier league than in the Bundesliga. We’re going to have to be between 4 and 5 million euros, changed hands for it to succeed Nicolai J枚rgensen. (Source: The new york times)Transferupdates 路 yesterday at 17:30 onPodolski continues to pursue his career in Turkey
Lukas Podolski is continuing his career in Turkey. The ex-international from Germany, will be working to Not. The 34-year-old attacker has starred for the past three years, the Japanese Vissel Kobe, but his contract was not renewed.

馃 Willkommen – Welcome – Any Geldin @Podolski10

AvatarAuteurAntalyasporMoment of plaatsen15:32 am – January 23, 2020Transferupdates 路 yesterday at 17:06Zagreb’s coach will let you transfer to Olmo
Dani Olmo is pursuing his career with RB Leipzig. That Nenad Bjelica, coach’s current employer, the Dinamo Zagreb told the Croatian media. “Out of all the offers he has, Leipzig was chosen. I think it is the best to be able to develop,” said Bjelica. Leipzig, pay a visit said to be around 30 million euros, Olmo, making it the most expensive acquisition ever for the club. The 21-year-old Spaniard went through to the youth academy of FC Barcelona, and it seemed to be, in the first instance, to return to the club, while Ajax are in an earlier stage, still the interest was. (Source: the Croatian media Transferupdates 路 yesterday at 16:45, Inter did He is within
Victor Moses is playing in each case, the remainder of the season for The club. The 29-year-old Nigerian is on loan through Chelsea, where he is no longer in the plans of coach Frank Lampard appears. In the first half of the season, it was the vleugelspeler, as it was last season, though, to Fenerbah莽e on loan. The club has, in addition to the rent will also have an option to buy agreed. (Source: Internazionale)Transferupdates 路 yesterday at 16:02‘Tevez’s temporary successor, Rashford in the United’
Due to the long-term absence of the injured Marcus Rashford, it is Manchester United and we are looking for a replacement seat. In search of the ‘Mancunians’ – was released with an eye-catching old favourite, Carlos Tevez. The Spaniard, who about two weeks, 36 will be played between 2007 and 2009, at Old Trafford, and it was then that the radical switch to a fellow-townsman of the hotel. With his current club, Boca Juniors is Tevez only occasionally in the action, and he has a contract until June. (Source: Tuttosport)Transferupdates 路 yesterday at 15:52 ofBox-scout Colombian talent from the River Plate
Ajax is said to be not uitgewinkeld this winter, and it has it’s eye on South American talent, letting it fall. This time it’s going to be, Jorge Carrascal, a 21-year-old attacking midfielder, in the service of the River Plate. The Colombian has a limited transfer fee of 20 million euros in his contract, so the Locals will have a deep into their pockets to sweep them to the Johan Cruijff ArenA, want to be able to. (Source: bbc news)Transferupdates 路 yesterday at 15:42, the“Barcelona wants to be ‘. Ajax-executioner’ as a replacement for Su谩rez’
FC Barcelona is also looking for a short-term, drop-in replacement for Luis Su谩rez. The Uruguayan may have on the rest of the season to miss out due to a surgery on his knee, and, in any case, a few months will not be usable, so too thinly in the front. For the Catalans in their quest, came to Man. The 28-year-old Brazilian was in the group stage of the uefa Champions League with the only goal in the uitduel with Ajax, allowing Ajax to be disabled. Valencia are prepared to make the attacker let go of this winter, but it is not to be less than 鈧 60 million. (Source: Mundo Deportivo)Transferupdates 路 yesterday at 13:45 onAgent Bale: ‘Stories of renting is ridiculous’
House by The Bale, of Tottenham Hotspur, or Manchester United. The British media speculate as to the agent of Real Madrid attacker does not. “Why, that would be one of the best players in the world, let it be? Ridiculous,” said the agent told the BBC. “He is a player of Real Madrid football club, has a contract for 2.5 years, and we are happy. Hopefully, he won many prizes for Real.”Transferupdates 路 yesterday at 13:34Gast贸n Pereiro saw it recently completed a transfer to FC Cincinnati bounce off of, and that’s what makes the situation of the Quarter do not get any better.

Pereiro has, this morning, in a Young BACKLINE in the training. For the Quarter, is due to PSV’s up to and including the 31st of January, not more, prepared, and tonight, so are also at NAC.

AvatarAuteurRik ElfrinkMoment of plaatsen13:11 – January 23, 2020Transferupdates 路 yesterday at 13:01Evil Selimi remains possible, however, in Spakenburg (nl)
After that, he was not allowed to substitute at Ajax and gave the frustrated Spakenburg (nl)-attacker Argjend Selimi his bag. “Do you feel like you are in your back, you get stung and you can be there with them to stop”, he said to his local newspaper, The Bunschoter. Nonetheless, it is still very good, between Selimi and his club for tonight and they go with each other around the table.Transferupdates 路 yesterday at 11:28Volgens Omroep West, editor-in-chief, Jim van der Deijl, the future lies by Michael, Who may be in the country of Spain.

馃敯 | ADO, it is not yet finished in the transfer market. For example, the Spanish team FC Cartagena are interested to Michael Kramer, and is the the Hague club, which is a boon in a proactive way. The transfer market will close on Friday the 31st of January at 23: 59.

AvatarAuteurJim of of DeijlMoment of plaatsen10:51 am – January 23, 2020Transferupdates 路 yesterday at 11:13 amwe’re going to rent, Wouter Burger on Excelsior.
Wouter Burger makes it’s season at the Grand. The eighteen-year-old midfielder played at the start of this season, under the coach, Jaap Stam, a number of Premier league games, but under Dick Advocaat, he has no idea at the time. A citizen, after Liam Kelly (Oxford, United rentals), Kenneth Vermeer (Los Angeles FC,) and Yassin Ayoub (Panathinaikos) is the fourth player this winter, and leave the Club. (Source: Team)Transferupdates 路 yesterday at 10:04Iliass Bell Association for a room in Zwolle, where he stayed until mid-2021, under the contract. It is not yet clear where he will sign it.

Iliass Bel Hassani has been granted permission to transfer to a foreign club team. The midfielder was not present at today’s training. #peczwolle

AvatarAuteurPEC ZwolleMoment of plaatsen09:55 pm – January 23, 2020Transferupdates 路 yesterday at 10:02 pm, Evil player in Spakenburg (nl) departs after a development this year and wanting against Ajax
In a remarkable message: Spakenburg (nl)-player (Argjend Selimi, has stuff turned in, because he was Wednesday night, not allowed to substitute during the KNVB cup match against Ajax. “If you have been given to the club, and you’ll be in the ArenA, and that’s not even a subbing granted… It makes you feel like you are in your back, you get stung and you can be there with them to stop”, said the 23-year-old forward. (Source: The Bunschoter)Transferupdates 路 yesterday at 09:19‘, NAC will stop the negotiations with the target member Of the Miracles’
Kees is a miracle seems to be not to be the new coach of NAC Breda-to-be. Reportedly, the Kitchen is Champion of a Division-the club’s talks with the 51-year-old Of the Miracles ceased, because of the clubleiding did not know that he is the ideal successor to the sacked Ruud Brood has been. William: Weijs is currently interim manager of STOKE and it will be tonight, when THE bekerduel down on the couch. (Source: BN DeStem)Transferupdates 路 yesterday at 09:10Raiola: ‘See if Pogba and United are still at each other’s plans to adapt’
In the years of Paul Pogba from Manchester United, have not been entirely suc-cessful, and acknowledges that his agent, Mino Raiola, and, therefore, it may be time for the summer, to take a look. “We have to be in the summer and see if Pogba was still in the plans of United, and whether United are still in the planning Pogba occurs,” said Raiola. The contract of the injured Pogba, that is, in 2016, in his second term at Old Trafford and began to run through mid-2021. (Source: Sky Sports)Transferupdates Wednesday, 17:31 theLeague will not rent, Real
Gareth Bale should be the last period of time have to settle for a secondary role at Real Madrid, but that does not mean that he is taking leave, and not at all on a rental basis. “He’s one of the best players in the world. Why, it would be one of the best players in the world, on a rental somewhere else to play? That’s ridiculous,” said his agent, Jonathan Barnett. (Source: Goal)Transferupdates Wednesday, at 15:54, Chong seems to be to choose from for your departure from the United
Manchester United will be happy with Tahith Helpful, but the attacker himself, it doesn’t seem to like to use his expiring contract to renewal, as a manager, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer a little play. “But he has other ideas about Tahith over the line. He’s come to a point where he feels that he is if not more, to the next level. Then it was time to go,” says his agent Erkan Alkan. (Source: VI)Transferupdates Wednesday, 15:11 it isin this Context takes on Czyborra once and for all from the United
Lennart Czyborra join Heracles Almelo in the final for the Atalanta Bergamo. The twenty-year-old full-signed a contract until mid-2024 to number five in the Series A. United will reportedly have a little less than 4 million euros for the German, who, in the summer of 2018, in Almelo, the netherlands to play with. (Source: United)Transferupdates Wednesday, at 14:49 andwe’re going to is Ayoub lost to Panathinaikos
On the transfer of Yassin Ayoub of the Season to Panathinaikos, has been completed. The 25-year-old has put his signature under a contract for the next 3.5 years for the Greek club as well. Ayoub was on the Team still has a contract until mid-2022, but if press conference will depart from Rotterdam, the netherlands. (Source: Panathinaikos)Transferupdates Wednesday, 14:26 theTransmission is a full-time assistant to the player
Boudewijn Zenden is going to play a more prominent role in the coaching staff of PSV eindhoven. The 54-times Dutch international is a full-time assistant to interim coach Ernest Faber. The 43-year-old Send had already specialistentrainer, and a part-time assistant to the covenants of the senior team of PSV eindhoven. In his new role, he will also be in competition on the bench.Transferupdates Wednesday, 13:53 theBox, let Band茅 that he was still contracted to FC Thun depart
Hassane Band茅 seems to be Ajax, that he was still contracted out to FC Thun. According to VI, Ajax reached an agreement with the Swiss club to Band茅, for rent. The 21-year-old attacker moved in for the summer of 2018, from KV Mechelen to Ajax, but that was partly due to a serious injury, never appeared in the starting eleven. The Burkinees in Amsterdam, still has a contract until mid-2023. (Source: VI)Transferupdates Wednesday, at 12:27 pmAjax-allows K眉hn at Bayern Munich
Remarkably, transfernieuws of the nation’s capital. Ajax allows Nicolas K眉hn, for the rest of the season with Bayern Munich. The twenty-year-old striker, who is still waiting for his debut album, in the beginning, made it clear in 2018, with the transition from RB Leipzig to a Year. K眉hn has played since then in 43 games for Ajax and scored five times. (Source: Ajax), Transferupdates Wednesday, at 11:36Play hire Odriozola (Real Madrid)
Bayern Munich takes on 脕lvaro Odriozola is on a rental basis from Real Madrid. The 24-year-old right back will be to the end of the season, the t-shirt and the number two of the Season’s wearing. The four-time international with Spain was played out in the first half of the season in just four matches for The “Royal”. (Source: Bayern M眉nchen, germany). Transferupdates Wednesday at 11:30, andADO, with Spence sixth is to strengthen the inside
ADO Den Haag, has continued to stir in the transfer market. The failing Fc is reinforced by the transfervrije Jordan Spence. The 29-year-old Englishman had been on a training camp of ADO for Spain, where he made a great impression on him on the coach, Alan Pardew. He previously played for West Ham United, Sheffield Wednesday and MK Dons. Spence, after the Tudor Baluta, Sam Stubbs, Laurens De Bock, George Thomas, and Mick van Buren is already the sixth winter addition to the ADO. (Source: ADO Den Haag Transferupdates Wednesday at 10:49De-new addition to manchester united, Emil Hansson, is it morning, already up in the weight room of the club.

馃弸 ‘s Never a dull moment, for Emil!
馃榿 Good to see you again!

AvatarAuteurRKC WaalwijkMoment of plaatsen10:45 pm – January 22, 2020Transferupdates Wednesday, at 10:20Attacker’s Hansson will return to his side
Emil Hansson plays for the rest of the season for manchester united. The 21-year-old Swede was wearing the previous season, even though the t-shirt of the Waalwijkers, which he rented from the Club. Hansson left in the summer of Hannover 96, but it was not a permanent force at the base. of the reason that he is allowed to temporarily leave his side, telling him that the rental in person. (Source: from his side)Transferupdates Wednesday, at 10:05J酶rgensen does not wish to leave the Club
Nicolai J酶rgensen is not going to make the Team in a short period of time to leave. The 29-year-old, And has a good time in Rotterdam, the netherlands. “I’ve never been in a hurry to leave, and it still does not work,” says J酶rgensen. “I just want to give people the first thing to return. I’m not going to go away as the striker’s two-year well-done, and after that, nothing much more to show. It is my honor to be following. If I ever have to leave the Club, then in through the front door.” (Source: VI)Transferupdates 路 Wednesday-09:50FC Dordrecht to see the Sporting-gun-for-hire, Bus to Den Bosch, to leave
FC Den Bosch is by Pedro Marques. The 21-year-old striker, who was in the first half of the season for FC Dordrecht is out for the remainder of the season thanks to Sporting CP. For Dordrecht and came to the Marques in the seventeen-to-play players six times and score a goal. His contract with Sporting runs next summer. (Source: FC Den Bosch Transferupdates Wednesday 09:15‘, Chelsea wants to make of the arrival of Cavani’
Edinson Cavani had this past weekend with a transferverzoek to Paris Saint-Germain, and ever since then, the 32-year-old Uruguayan has been listed for several other clubs. According to British media reports, Chelsea have the best credentials to get Cavani in to them. The attacker, who has not previously been in the Premier League and has been for about 25 million euros to go from Paris, france. A considerable amount, as his contract is about half a year and expire. (Source: The Times)Transferupdates Wednesday at 08:38 am‘Beckham is hoping Ag眉ero welcome to Inter Miami
David Beckham will begin the upcoming season with Inter Miami as a new adventure in Major League Soccer. The club, co-founded by the English football legend, just switch on and hope some of the stars as a result. Beckham would have been to have spoken with the Manchester City attacker Sergio Ag眉ero. The contract of the 31-year-old Spaniard is walking on a half-season wonder, and because of his son, is a resident of the United States of america, it would be Ag眉ero, a possible move to the club, Beckham, to see it sitting there. (Source: The Sun)Transferupdates Wednesday, 08:14Lawyer in talks with Lens about a possible transfer
Despite getting the Lens is on the radar for the Team. Coach Dick Advocaat has already the 32-year-old attacker has spoken of. “At first, he wanted to get to Liverpool to stay. He still has a contract for two more years, but I want to be, there is still no line up”, said the Lawyer. “I like to keep everything in the open, and in the end, we did it to someone else. We have a player behind Nicolai J酶rgensen is required as well as an extra midfield player. Due to the departure of a number of players there are budget releases, so it is possible.” (Source: FOX Sports)Transferupdates 路 every Tuesday from 20:13 toEmmen takes drop-in replacement for Slagveer
Earlier today it was announced that Luciano Slagveer is departing for FC Emmen, but the formation of the province of Drenthe has already had a sequel. Luka Adzic at the end of the season, thanks to RSC Anderlecht. The 21-year-old attacker, from Serbia, will be in the next few weeks, however, it is still not speelgerechtigd it.

馃嚪馃嚫Dobrodo拧li Luka!
The 21-year-old winger Luka Ad啪i膰 at the end of the season, thanks to @rscanderlecht.
馃搫 ->

AvatarAuteurFC EmmenMoment of plaatsen20:01 am – 21 January, 2020Transferupdates 路 Tuesdays at 18:02Slagveer from Emmen to Hungary
Luciano Slagveer starts at FC Emmen, the netherlands. The attacker can join the Club for the Puskas Akad茅mia. The 26-year-old Slagveer sign up for the summer of 2022, at the number four in Hungary. The winger has played over the past one and a half years at FC Emmen, the netherlands.

Luciano Slagveer and join the FC Emmen in the Hungarian Puskas Akademia.馃嚟馃嚭
馃摑 ->

AvatarAuteurFC EmmenMoment of plaatsen18:00 p.m., January 21, 2020Transferupdates Tuesday at 16:46, The Young, see Hern谩ndez to the Galaxy is going to
Luuk de Jong is a contender for the spitspositie in Seville, will be lost. Javier Hern谩ndez, known as Chicharito, is leaving the Spanish club, namely, directly to the Los Angeles Galaxy. The MLS club, which is a sequel to in the house for Zlatan Ibrahimovic, to pay to the said to be the nine million euros, which is a clubrecord. The 31-year-old Mexican, who has previously played for Real Madrid and Manchester United, is looking forward to his new adventure. “I’m going to play it for the sake of a lot of Mexican and American fans. That’s the great thing about football, you will always get good opportunities.” (Source: Los Angeles Times)Transferupdates Tuesday, at 16:23 andHe grappend They can Mbapp茅 control
Jose Mourinho does not like to speculate on other players from other clubs, as the manager of Tottenham Hotspur leaves the press conference is already grappend know that Kylian Mbapp茅 best place to go to in London can come up. “I have a very good relationship with mr. Nasser and mr. Leonardo (the president and the technical director of the PSG-ed.) and that’s what I want that way. Good relationships are based on respect, and that’s why I don’t say anything about the players of the PSG. But, my friends, if they Kylian Mbapp茅 on a rental basis to us. I have nothing more to say to you.”Transferupdates 路 every Tuesday from 16:17 to‘Inter into conversation with a Dutchman, Chong
The club is now in discussions with the agent of the Tahith Helpful. The Dutchman has a contract until the summer, with Manchester United and the Italian club, the twenty-year-old Chong to the said end of the season press conference at the selection of add to it.

Inter are meeting again today, with Tahith Helpful agent – advanced to talk-for a contract, bid, trying to sign him as a free agent for next summer. 馃敶 #MUFC #transfers #Inter #Helpful

AvatarAuteurFabrizio RomanoMoment of plaatsen16:07 am – January 21, 2020Transferupdates 路 Tuesday at 14:25‘, Bayern Munich, and has Odriozola, almost in the
The Bayern Munich, is, according to several German media, in the short term, reinforce 脕lvaro Odriozola. The 24-year-old defender would be on the Real Madrid permission to talk to the ‘Rekordmeister’. Odriozola, it is in The ‘Royal’ is not a fixed value, the base, and it would be on a rental basis to go. Odriozola is still up to the summer of 2024, when the Real contract. (Source: Bild)Transferupdates 路 Tuesday at 14:11Lennart Czyborra in Italy and his transfer to the Atlanta team. The twenty-year-old defender is under contract at United, and in Almelo, the netherlands still has a contract until mid-2021. It is not known what the amount of the transfer goes.

Lennart #Czyborra arrivato pochi are minuti fa, a-Milan, manager of the City: giornata di visite e company, sar脿 un nuovo giocatore dell鈥檌n this Context. Tutto su @SkySport @DiMarzio

AvatarAuteurMatteo MorettoMoment of plaatsen11:04 pm – January 21, 2020Back to top

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