The Chicago airport as a catering cart for almost slams the plane onto the tarmac, viral video shows

to connectVideoWatch: Chicago airport, a catering cart, nearly slams into the plane, onto the tarmac

A small wagon in Chicago O’hare international Airport, and almost slams it in on the plane on the tarmac. A Video of the incident has since gone viral, and even indications that the President’s Trump card, in order to tweet about the out-of-control shopping cart.

Better to figure out the shopping cart!

An empty catering trolley at the Chicago O’hare International Airport, and unexpectedly went on a Monday afternoon, and nearly hit a parked aircraft, operated by American Airlines. Fortunately, earlier this year I had the airport worker drove a tug into the hollow, and struck the truck, pushing the rogue machine out of the way and avoid a collision.

On Sept. 30, with a 33-second clip of the main event – is apparently being filmed from in the terminal a hit on Twitter, where it has been viewed over 9.8 million times to date.

“Crazy event in the HALL. The Heads-up and security to move in a ramp with an employee!”, said Dr. By Kevin Klauer, who shared the images online.


In the quick clip, which is the catering truck and randomly began running backwards, in a doughnut-like circles, that is dangerously close to the beating the airport employees and the plane, which was operated by American Airlines’ subsidiary American Eagle and ” USA Today reports.

Klauer told WGN9, that the wagon was running when it was a case of water fell on the car’s gas pedal from the seat of the chair.

Testify to the doctor’s office-clip-could hear a gasp and cried out in fright as she watched the scene unfold. A moment later, she clapped our hands and shouted for joy as the brave and the airport employee to assist with the tow, and knocked off the wild wagon is out of the way for the overthrow of the truck, and the occurrence of a serious accident.

“There you go!” a fan shouted in the background.

A spokesman for American Airlines, told Fox News that the carrier’s employees were injured and the airline is now investigating the incident.


American Airlines is investigating an incident in which a catering truck in the afternoon at Chicago’s O’hare International Airport. Preliminary reports indicate that the accelerator pedal became stuck and caused the catering cart to lose control,” a government official said on Tuesday. “No, no, American Airlines, the members of the team were injured and the incident resulted in a 10-minute delay.”

“We appreciate the quick action of our team members, who stopped the vehicle. Safety and security is our top priority and we are working with our partners to investigate the incident,” she added.

Twitter commenters, including the President, Donald Trump, meanwhile, has had a lot to say about the clip.

“Art,” is a right of the display.


“The passenger then got hit with a $25 “Tarmac, Entertainment Fee,” one said.

“A tribute to the ramp for an employee who saves the airline hundreds of thousands of dollars,” one offered.

“Great job, right on time,” said the president of the city’s airport, the employee’s actions in a tweet shared on Tuesday morning.

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