The Chateau, Meiland, Van Erven Dorens and some of this great gear to win Televizier awards

Chateau Meiland Wednesday at the 54th ceremony of the Televizier awards, the Golden Televizier-Ring in it for the quick win. As the winner, beating the other nominees, the Best of the Singers, and the dispatching of our minds, with 55 percent of the vote.

‘Name’: Martien Meiland, whose experiences of the French-bed-and-breakfast, to be followed by the SBS program, and thanks to the voters and to the team for the day.

Meiland was shared also with a sneer at the other stations, and broadcast stations, which are not of interest to the family to send out. “We have a SBS server out of the mud, towed,” according to the popular realityster, which was initially known, was due to his participating in time for Me to leave.

It is for the SBS, sixteen years ago, a program on the station in the ring, won for the last time, it was with a Heart In Action (2003).


One is about Televizier-Ring ” I believe authenticity scores

Beau van Erven Dorens named as the best presenter

The Televizier-Ster for the best presenter went to Beau van Erven Dorens. He received the award from the hands of a Girl Today.

The talkshowpresentator, who is currently seen as the host of Beautiful, thanks to the RTL-program director, Peter van der Vorst for the opportunity he has been given. “I’m standing on the shoulders of the people in my team and for me to do the work for you. But the one person that I would like to especially thank my wife, Selly.”

Van Erven Dorens last year won the Golden Televizier-Ring in his program, Beau, Five, Days, of Inside.

On the red carpet of the Televizier gala

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Chantal Janzen equal to Yvon Jaspers, the five Televizier-Star

And the award for the best presenter was awarded to Chantal Janzen. She thanked the voters and her employer, RTL, and her family and friends. “Well, I think we should be proud of what we do,” she said of her colleagues.

This is the fifth year that Janzen’s Televizier-Ster wins the game. This compares to the record of Yvon Jaspers, who, for the price, five times the has not received.

As the host of Dancing with the Stars was the Star out of the hands of the rappers Lange Frans and Baas B, that is, prior to a special version of their hit country song.

Chantal Janzen won the Televizier-Ster for the best in show. (Foto: BrunoPress)

Elise Schaap’s best actor/actress, and two awards for Nienke Moor

The Televizier-Star to the best actor/actress went to Elise Schaap. The award was presented by the interested in going out of the Ammelrooij for the ceremony and paid tribute to earlier this year the death of actor Rutger Hauer.

“I think it’s such an honor to be in the same line as the For (Janzen, ed.). and She (Warringa), and for the price,” says Lamb, who wins the prize for her role in Romania’s Ruxandra, in the RTL-comedyserie The Family, Kruys, which is the fifth and final season is now airing.

Tv presenter and vlogger Nienke Moor won both the Televizier-Star Talent (the datingprogramma Pretty & Single, TV-SERIES) as of the Televizier-Ster for the best Online-video series. “I would like to have my supporters to thank, because without the help of my family I would never be able to do it. The after-school care, but to 19: 00 hours every day, and we have had a long day,” joked the 33-year-old tv presenter.

Elise Schaap has won the Televizier-Ster in the category of Actor/Actress. (Foto: BrunoPress)

Nienke Moor, won two awards at the Televizier gala. (Foto: BrunoPress)

The presentation is in the hands of beale street, and By the Westelaken

The evening was hosted by Rick from Westelaken and Dionne Stax. She is replaced by john Smith, who, with the Best of the Singers was nominated for the Golden Televizier-Ring in place.

The annual gala to be found in 1964, and by the AVROTROS (up to 2013 by the DUTCH) will be organised. The event was created out of a partnership between the public broadcaster and the tv guide Televizier, the former editor-in-chief of the award, initially mainly as a marketing partner.

Since the first edition of the award winners in the various categories, as chosen by the public, all you had to go back to 1996, however, at the Televizier register to vote and to hold for them.


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