The Chateau, Meiland, and Robinson has a chance to win the Golden Televizier-Ring

The Chateau, Meiland, Expedition, Robinson, and the Best Singers make it to this year’s chances of the Golden Televizier Ring, the most important Dutch prize for a television programme. On Wednesday, the 9th of October, it is announced who the winner will be declared.

This is the fifth time the Expedition team, Robinson will be nominated for the televisieprijs, but it did, so far as the price-to-win. This is the last time that Dennis Weening to win the Ring because he was no longer to be seen in the new season.

“With this nomination, it is put in the most of all is for you, my dear friend,” said the presenter Nicolette Kluijver in a comment on Instagram. It can be seen in the new season of the program, in addition to the presenter And Gorgels.

The AVROTROS program is the Best of the Singers, and it is the second nomination for the. In 2017, the programme, in which well-known artists perform each other’s repertoire, to sing, to be nominated. Sundays, Well, went, when, with the Ring, of course.

John Smith presents the tv show for years, but because he will be serious contender with the Best of Singers, he will do it in 2019, are not. In addition, Rik van de Westelaken, it will, therefore, Dionne Stax is the presentation going to do it.

The Chateau, Meiland, the reallifesoap around the time for Me to leave the member Martien Meiland, only in 2019, at first, but he knew from the beginning, a high amount of viewers to attract them. The second season is currently on the SBS to see it.

Beau van Erven Dorens last year won the coveted ring, Beau, Five Days, Inside of which he kept for five days in a very special setting on his left hand.


Van Erven Dorens, ” No storage after a win Televizier-Ring

The nominations for the other categories were already well-known

Rather, all of the nominees in the other categories will be announced. Thus, André van Duin, Beau van Erven Dorens and, As Well, in the race for the Televizier-Star, a Presenter, and For some of this great gear, It ners, and Eve home cooked apple pie a chance in that category, by the women.

This year, for the first time, a prize will be awarded for the ” best online video series. #ANGRY during the hunting Season and a Crappy Diary and in that class a chance.

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