The Catalan prime minister disapproves of the violence in the protests in the region

The Catalan prime minister of quimper and lor Torra last Thursday, the violence in the ongoing protests in the North of Spain, the province of judges. As of Monday, it is the artwork in the past, after a nine-Catalan politicians have been convicted and sentenced to prison sentences of up to thirteen years of age, because of their role in the illegal surveys, and onafhankelijkheidsreferendum in 2017.

Torra, says the ongoing violence is to accept and believe that such an incident does not have to be done in this country. “This has to stop right now,” he said at a press conference.

Earlier, he referred to the self-imposed prison sentences “Unacceptable,” and defended the idea. The prime minister went on Wednesday along with a protest march, for example, can be used in a “proper way to protest”.

Immediately after the decision of the court of justice, on Monday, went for thousands and thousands of Catalans to the streets and occupying key streets in the Catalan capital of Barcelona. Also, blocking the protesters access roads to the airport and the city, and they tried to come to the airport to connect to.

Since then, several violent clashes occurred between the protesters and the police. The protests intensified on Wednesday, the regional police department, says being bombarded with benzinebommen. Also to stop the protesters’cars on fire.


Police to seize hard, not to the new Catalan protest in Barcelona

Politicians have been prosecuted for sedition, rebellion, and abuse of public funds

Of the nine politicians have been convicted and sentenced for sedition, around the illegal referendum in 2017. The Spanish constitutional court did not approve it for the ballot, as afscheidingspogingen in the country is prohibited by law.

More than 2.3 million Catalans came out to vote, which is 42 percent of the electorate, it is. More than 90 per cent voted in favour of a independent Catalonia.

In the end, the Spanish government, the government in Catalonia is about. The former Catalan prime minister Carles Puigdemont fled the country, and is currently located in Brussels, belgium. He says the sentencing on Monday is an “abomination”. Shortly after the ruling, the Spanish supreme court, an international arrest warrant against Puigdemont.

The Spanish prime minister, Pedro Sánchez, will ask the Catalans ‘respect’ for the results, and it is of the opinion that a “new era” from the start, that the tyres could be repaired.


Why would Catalonia be an independent country?


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