The Cast of The Book of Mormon, ” the Dutch audience is very surprised,’

The cast of the musical ” The Book of Mormon, and the performance is many times increased. The show is now on display in the Netherlands. The cast of notes to the public in Amsterdam is still a genuine surprise, to tell a story and the actors are up against

“In most of the places we’ve been to so far have been to get to know the people in The Book of Mormon and all that. Even if they are in the show, haven’t seen it, you know, they often know how it goes. In Amsterdam, we feel that the audience is genuinely surprised at every turn of the story,” said Conner Peirson, who played the role of a missionary Elder Cunningham, on either side.

Nicole, Lily-Baisden, who, in the character of Nabulungi, a Ugandan villager, played, then quit it goes on: “In a show with so many unexpected elements, it is really nice to have a surprise for the audience, for the first time, of the people to be able to read it. Therefore, we will also be back for more”, says she.

The musical The Book of Mormon was conceived by Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the creators of the satirical animated series South Park-and songwriter Robert Lopez, who, among others, the music from the Disney film Frozen the book. The story follows two young mormons as missionaries to Uganda, are to be sent. The musical to be afraid of a black comedy, and social satire, which was appreciated, the show has won nine Tony Awards.

Nicole Lily Baisden, as Nabulungi. (Photo: Paul Coltas)

“The public has absolutely no problem for us to follow

The Royal Carré Theatre in Amsterdam is the first non-English-speaking location, where the original version will be used. Baisden explained that the all-star cast in the spraaktempo attention and the focus is less strong. “I focus more on the articulation. But that’s all to the good, because that’s really important if musicalacteur,” adds Peirson far.

The two of them are talking about the English language skills of the audience. “The reactions to the brands, experience of the visitors do not have problems to follow, which is impressive considering English is not the native language,” said Baisden.

The actors, who had previously been in the United Kingdom appeared in the show, you noticed a difference in sense of humor. As a result, the Baisden on the jokes that refer to American popular culture very well, arriving in the Netherlands.

“We can even see that in some parts of the show is more publieksreactie than in English-speaking countries. It is concerned at some of the pieces that we have almost forgotten that they’re funny, so it’s nice to see,” said Peirson.

Conner Peirson as His Assistant. (Photo: Paul Coltas)

The key to the success of The Book of Mormon

Even though The Book of Mormon to be the most successful musicals of the history, the show will also critique the stereotypical portrayal of the African villagers and the ridicule of the beliefs of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, including the church of the mormons, as it is called.

The actors may however not find it. “There are a lot of sensitive topics should be discussed on the show, so the criticism is somewhat taken into account. However, we do note, however, that most of the criticism comes from people who are not up to the end of the stay. At the end, you will understand why the story is progressing,” says Peirson.

Although quite a black comedy, a musical passage, is the actual message tends to be about coming together and unity. The show has a big heart,” says Baisden quickly. That is, according to her, the secret of the success of the show.

Peirson has his own idea about it. “The music is modern, but at the same time, the traditional musicalstructuur. The verhaalvertelling, it is traditional and creates a nostalgic feeling. In addition, you will have the rough humour and the contemporary references.” It’s exciting and new to me, but at the same time, familiar.”

The Book of Mormon, up to and including the 27th of October, at the Royal Carré Theatre in amsterdam to see them.

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