The career of Matthijs van Nieuwkerk: from a jobhopper to talkshowkoning

Matthijs van Nieuwkerk will stop after ten years, The World Runs On. The presenter will remain at the BNNVARA, but it’s going to do something new. An overview of the career of the presenter-to-date.

Van Nieuwkerk is on the 8th of september 1960, born in Amsterdam, the netherlands. After high school he goes to Netherlands to study at the University of Amsterdam, the netherlands. His studies complete, he does not, however, through his old friend Mark van den Heuvel, caught Van Nieuwkerk in The Dutch daily het Parool. Together, they have a great sportinterviews to do.

The articles are, in a positive way, and, in 1984, Of Nieuwkerk in a fixed position on the editorial staff of the Amsterdam news paper. Soon, he was given the function of the given-and, later, climbs, he is the (deputy)editor-in-chief. The journalist is said to be The Watchword again, with a modern, Amsterdam newspaper, and you know how to make it.

In 2000, after sixteen years, he left the newspaper to work as the editor-in-chief of a regional television station AT5. He stops there for a year already. “I think he has decided just to do things that he likes to do,” says the former AT5-editor-in-chief Anne Dirks at the Dutch newspaper the Volkskrant.

Matthijs van Nieuwkerk will stop after ten years, with the DWDD

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The Conflict provides for the early and at the end of the NOVA

In between his work at AT5 is by Van Nieuwkerk in the DUTCH program in The uk. The presenter extends his work to the public-service broadcasting, when he was netcoördinator of the Netherlands, to 3 in. Long as it don’t work: Van Nieuwkerk will find that there is very little room for creativity, and it stops after a couple of months in his new job.

It won’t be long before he’s back on the tv show, in the run-up to the parliamentary elections of 2003, he presented, together with Felix Rottenberg, the Netherlands and Choose the actualiteitenrubriek DECISION. The two presenters to the program to breathe new life into it, but the editor can make the changes, do not like conflict and will ensure that the two are not the long ones.

In the same year, Van Nieuwkerk is back on tv with the sport, Holland Sport, and that he is With the Young, present. With the success of the program is the winner of the 2005 Silver debut competition. In 2004, a presenter with Hadassah de Boer, television-TV3, which is considered to be the predecessor of The World is. The thirty-minute liveprogramma of culture and media, in 2005, to ‘ a tough act.

“Sometimes, I have nothing to do with anyone’

In the first episode of DWDD, it is on the 10 of October, 2005. The programme until 2010, and recorded in the Studio Plantage in Amsterdam, and moved to the Area. Initially, changes with Van Nieuwkerk’s presentation by Francisco van Jole, which is located at the end of 2005, to withdraw.

Every night, the presenter was accompanied by a table host, or in the room. Among others, Halina Reijn, Prem Radhakishun, Marc-Marie Huijbregts, Sylvana Simons, Paul de Leeuw and sliding it regularly. “Sometimes, it happens that I have, personally, nothing to do with anyone or that I am the one, never outside of it. Some of them are good, some are a bit disappointing. Then we can go apart,” says Van Nieuwkerk from Radio 538.

At the beginning of 2006, it is Claudia de Breij every Monday to see the show, as Van Nieuwkerk on the same night, the liveprogramma a tight schedule are presented. The comedian starts in 2008 and comes with the program. Then you have the various presenters to be seen on Monday, among whom Menno Bentveld.. The number of viewers increases at this time to be over a million.

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Televizier-Ring, ‘ a tough act

In 2014, move to the program of NPO3 to NPO1, and the uitzendtijdstip been changed from 19: 30 to 19: 00. Well-known pieces from the DWDD have been LuckyTV, the music events, and The TV is Running, which displays eye-catching and fun televisiefragmenten will be displayed.

The ratings will remain stable and high and the programme is several times the price. In 2007 it won the Golden Televizier-Ring in 2011 with the Silver debut competition.

In contrast to that, Van Nieuwkerk made, the new programs was a huge success. As for the music quiz Popquiz à-Go-Go, the Top 2000-Top 2000 à Go-Go, and ‘ a tough act-a spin-off of The Summer and DWDD University.

“I never been embarrassed about my salary’

In spite of its great successes is ‘ a tough act is not free from controversy. Especially on the salary of a Van Nieuwkerk, and consideration for the guests, have been a topic of discussion. If there is a criticism, as it is known, that some of the tafelgasten get paid for their performances.

Most of the fuss is around, the salary of a Van Nieuwkerk itself. The presenter was one of the presenters, who are paid more than the Balkenendenorm (at the time, 189.272 time. Van Nieuwkerk was in 2014, with a salary of 570.000 euro, it is evident from the salary data of the NPO.

According to Van Nieuwkerk, increased his salary, and because the RTL is interested in him and it showed. In 2011, he received an offer to make a contract for 1 million euro’s to sign. The former programme director Erland Galjaard was Nieuwkerk, “so happy to have you in for the evening between 22.30 and 23.30. “But he was afraid it could not,” said He.

The high salaries also leads to a lack of understanding in parliament, the government intends that there will be no exceptions will be made. Due to budget cuts, the public broadcaster, it was decided that the presenters, as Van Nieuwkerk by the end of 2019 at the latest not more than 194.000 euro will be allowed to earn money once the contract has been extended.

By 2020, the year when the presenter of a new contract to get it. In 2019, says Van Nieuwkerk, in a conversation with LINDA. though be careful, he reasons, to stop using DWDD. If the presenter is moving to a commercial network, then it would be money in the certainly have a role to play,” said Van Nieuwkerk in the program, the Stars on the screen.

Van Nieuwkerk says, “never be embarrassed to have been on his or her salary. “I was making more of it than others. In any industry where someone is working harder or has more success, you deserve better. This is the most normal thing in the world.”

The presenter will draw will be in 2020, but this decision is still to stop The World spinning around. For BNNVARA is it in January of 2021, a zaterdagavondprogramma present.

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