The candidates embrace gun control in the campaign for house takeover

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As the Democrats shift to the left on a range of issues from health care to immigration that you have gone already, all on one of the most controversial issues around — gun control

A study by The Wall Street Journal found that out of the 63 candidates to the house-Democrats ” campaign arm-list of places to flip in November, 62 in support of expanded background checks for gun purchases.

While the Dems have long pushed for gun control, there was a time when some candidates ignored the Problem, including gun rights as part of their platform, or even allied with the National Rifle Association. But the support for gun control in the case of the candidates hardened has shootings in the last few years, after an increase of high-profile, mass, including in schools, most recently in the February shooting in Parkland, Florida.

This shift is an expression of the activity of the election campaign, with more Democrats, as a rather vocal on weapons possession, and endorsement of proposals, like background checks.

There is an increase in spending on ads, the focus of the Democrats was the race on gun control in the Governor elections, the Senate and the house, according to USA Today. In 2014, there were 558 pro-gun control ads, which are mostly Democrats. In the year 2018, had this number, shot 18,416, compared to 8,897 anti-gun control spots as a result of the mostly Republican.

In the house race, pro-gun control ads represented about 67 percent of those with explicit messages on weapons, compared to only six percent in 2014.


This in turn has led to some significant about-faces on the question of long-time legislator. The Journal points to Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick, D-Ariz. In a 2010 ad, they boasted about their “A” rating from the NRA, but in the last month, she said, she would be the ban on “assault weapons” and received an “F” by the pro-gun rights group. She said their position changed after the shooting of former Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords in 2011.

But during the train the rally the Democratic party base, the Republican base a boost — which has repeatedly shown that motivation to be stronger on the Second Amendment issues.

The National Republican Congressional Committee suggested that the move is the latest example of the Democratic party catering to the left-wing base rather than everyday Americans.

“Republican members and candidates concentrate on the issues that are important to their respective districts and Democrats are more concerned about the invocation of the most radical elements in their party,” an NRCC spokesman told Fox News.

Gun control is always risky, politically, for the Democrats, who are wary of the political lesson from the 90s.

In September 1994, the Democratically controlled Congress was an assault weapons ban, which subsequently signed into law by President Bill Clinton adopted.

Less than two months later, the Republicans, led by Rep. Newt Gingrich, R-Ga., took control of the house and the Senate in what was called the “Revolution of 94.”

But Democrats say the shift represents the changing mood of the nation after a series of devastating killing sprees in the last few years.

“In 2018, the first year could, in the intensity on our side on the subject of the intensity on the other side,” sen. Chris Murphy, D-Conn exceeded., The magazine said.

Democrats are likely to be buoyed by the victory of the Republic of Conor Lamb, D-Pa., in the March special election — who won, the for background checks, which won in a district Trump in 2016.

In addition, a WSJ/NBC found survey, that the Democratic voters rated gun control, the second-most important questions about health care. For the Republicans, the weapons fifth. In between elections, where the party is motivated, can decide your base, who takes control of the chambers in Congress, the development of these questions could be the key.

But there is also a wider trend in the party, by doing so, less diversity on certain litmus-problems. Last year, DNC Chair Tom Perez said that his pro-choice on the abortion issue is “not negotiable.”

“Every Democrat, like every American, should support a woman’s right to make their own decisions about their bodies and their health. This is not negotiable and should the city do not change, the said town, city or state, by the state,” he said.

Adam Shaw is a reporter covering the American and European politics for Fox News.. He can be reached.

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