The british prime minister, Johnson promised that Brexit on the 31st of October

The new British prime minister, Boris Johnson, on Wednesday, his first appearances are made by queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom. The retiring prime minister, Theresa May, and left to the loud applause of the house of Commons, and the political scene.

Johnson spoke to the nation following his visit with the queen to his new official residence at 10 Downing Street. He commended pastor May and her “tenacity”.

He asked, “those who, in the doemzeggers and zwartkijkers” does not believe that the United Kingdom will benefit from its exit from the EU on the cheek. “They are going to once again be wrong. The people who are against the United Kingdom’s bet to come in to their shirt, too.”

Johnson reiterated his intention to participate in the Brexit to take place on the 31st of October, and, as the result of the referendum in 2016 to live up to, “no gemaar” and that “the British people have had enough of waiting.”

“Well, We’ll have a new partnership with our European friends, it is so warm, close and friendly as possible,” said the new prime minister. “I would say to our friends in the republic of Ireland, in Brussels and in the EU as a whole, I am convinced that we will have a deal that prevents you from douanechecks of the Irish border are to come.”

If the EU does not want to re-negotiate the Uk’s withdrawal, the UK will be ready for a “no-deal-Brexit”, even though that is not the correct answer, according to Johnson.

He reiterated his intention to participate in the EU’s agreed ‘echtscheidingsvergoeding of 43 billion euros, not to have to pay for it, if there is a withdrawal without an agreement. The chance of that is small,” said the Uk leader.

The EU welcomes the Johnson’s ‘no deal’at start-up

Like Johnson, his country scheidingsafspraken the EU is moving away, so will the economic impact be significant, warns the Brexitstuurgroep of the European Parliament, under the leadership of Belgian prime minister Guy Verhofstadt, simultaneously with the first speech of the new prime minister. So did the group, after meeting in Brussels with Michel Barnier, the chief negotiator on behalf of the EU-the Brexit.

In accordance with the steering committee, pointing to recent comments from Johnson are that the risk of a disorderly departure of the British, the EU has significantly increased. And such an exit will not be tempered by any form of convention or mini-convention) between the EU and the United Kingdom,” states the group.

It highlights once again that the scheidingsdeal with May not be renegotiated, and that the previous government also agreed to this. However, it is to talk about the adaptation of the declaration on the future of the relationship between London and the EU.

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May cried the leader of the opposition does not also have to leave

Earlier on Wednesday, the answer May be in the British house of Commons, with her last questions, as the prime minister’s office. She took it in her afscheidsspeech is still very hard, to the leader of the opposition, Jeremy Corbyn, who according to her is about to leave. “Maybe he needs to understand that his time is over.”

May was visibly emotional as they, the parliament, and left.

In the United Kingdom on Wednesday, several ministers left, after on Tuesday it was announced that Boris Johnson, the new prime minister will be.

Among others, the British minister of Justice, David Gauke, the minister of Finance, Philip Hammond, and minister for International Development, Rory Stewart, to announce their departure. The three of them said earlier, do not want to return to the office of Johnson, even if it was only a small chance that he would actually appoint.

Johnson was busy filling out his cabinet

The rumours within the British media about the specifics of Johnson’s cabinet, is running at full speed. Reportedly, the minister of the interior, and Sajid Javid, the new Chancellor (minister of Finance, eds.). He would get the Hammond to replace it.

Ex-secretary of state for Brexitzaken Dominic Raab would be A Hunt to replace it as the new secretary of state. Andrea Leadsom, Esther McVey, both of whom will also make an attempt doing to the prime minister, would return to the cabinet after they were under May’s leadership, left as well.

In addition, there is a place for Michael Gove, which is in 2016 for us was that Johnson was not a prime minister, it was due to his support and for him to take it away. Also, Gove has tried this time the prime minister-to-be, but it was in the final rounds of voting down.

Johnson, the secretary of the Interior, an eye-catching candidate, and Priti Patel. She had to resign as chief secretary for the Development of the mystery was spoken of by the Israeli authorities.

Brexit will need to take place on the 31st of October

The retiring prime minister, Theresa May, said in her closing statement that she and her successor, “of all the luck in the world, you will. According to her, there is still work to be done, and the Brexit to be completed in a cost effective way for the united kingdom.

Johnson did it during the election campaign, many times I have said that the way the European Union on the 31st of October and wish to leave, even if it’s a no-deal for Brexit is required.

After that she had her own personal staff, had, thanks, was walking with May in the direction of Buckingham Palace can be reached in order to her job to make a formal offer of the English queen, Elizabeth.

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