The British Prime Minister Can be under pressure to Trump cancel visit over migrants controversy

Prime Minister Theresa May ahead of a grilling in Parliament on Wednesday about President Trump ‘ s migration policy.


UK Prime Minister Theresa May came under pressure from opposition lawmakers on Wednesday to cancel President Trump ‘ s the cross upcoming visit on his government’s controversial treatment of families, illegally the border.

Trump is due to arrive in the UK on a working visit on July 13, where he plans to meet with. But to suggest that opposition MPs, who have long sought to head off a Trump visit seized on the immigration debate entitled, your invitation.

The Scottish National y, Ian Blackford, citing the practice, asked may in Parliament: “Is the intend of the Prime Minister, rolling out the red carpet for Donald Trump?”

“On the very important question he raised, what we have seen in the United States, the images of the children instead of what seem to be the cages are deeply disturbing,” answered May. “This is wrong. This is not something we agree with. This is not the United Kingdom approach.”

But they also defended the US-Britain visit, while you shame the word Ellen’s deputies, cried, fallen by the opposition: “.”

“We have a special and longstanding relationship with the United States, and I think it is right, there are a number of issues that I will discuss with President of the trump … and I think it is important that we ensure that, when we see that the President of the United States are here in the United Kingdom, we will be able to these discussions,” she said.

The disagreement in London marks the latest political and diplomatic consequences of a policy, the creep trump and congressional Republicans, to address.

In the case of the issue of the practice of separation of children from parents caught crossing the border illegally. It results from the implementation of a “zero tolerance policy” calling for law enforcement on the line. Families, in turn, are separated because of a policy prior to this administration blocking the children in those facilities for a longer period of time.

Trump on Wednesday under an executive action signed by families, while the Congress-Republicans working on the legislation.

In London, the noisy scene was similar to the protests in Washington and other U.S. cities.

Blackford, you Can moan the answer is “disappointing,” sparks of Tory MPs, and then it went on to criticize the British policy of indefinite detention of some illegal immigrants waiting for their deportation.

The issue of child separation in the United States, and Trump’s visit came later in the session.

“President Trump has blocked up to 2,000 small children in cages and refuses to release you, unless he is allowed to build a wall. He has the U. N. Human Rights Council, denounced Kim Jong-Un praised the treatment of their own people, turned to the Muslims,” Labour y MP Gavin Shuker said. “What does this have to do with this man, the invitation you extended, revoked?”

May confirms that they are of the opinion that the attitude of the United States the wrong way, but reminded the chamber on the importance of the special relationship.

“If we do not agree with the United States, we will tell you so,” she said. “But we also have some important common interests with the United States in the area of security and defence and in other areas as well, and it is right that we are put in the situation, and speak with the President of a country with which we are already a long-standing … special relationship.”

Left-wing Labour y leader Jeremy Corbyn not call for the month of may, the visit to be cancelled, but on Tuesday called the situation “immoral.”

It is tragic and shocking to see innocent children locked up like animals on US migrant camps and hear their screams of agony, after he was forcibly separated from their parents.

It is immoral and goes against basic human rights, we must always respect, no matter the situation.

— Jeremy Corbyn (@jeremycorbyn) June 19, 2018

Not all of the votes in great Britain were critical. Former UK Independence y leader, Nigel Farage invited to stay at Trump, a hard line on the issue.

To stay “trump has been tough on this and ignore all the screaming from the liberal media,” Farage said on “Fox & Friends”.

Sky News reported on Wednesday that Trump is expecting a meeting with Queen Elizabeth II at Windsor castle, while on the visit.

“Yes, Yes, I mean to see he has the head of the state. Put his foot on British soil, it is job one, it is very important, very symbolic,” the US Ambassador in the UK Robert Wood Johnson Sky said.


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