The british house of Commons vote on Monday on the elections on the 12th of december

The British prime minister, Boris Johnson will make a decision to apply for the Lagerhuisverkiezingen on the 12th of december, it is Thursday, well-known. There should be arriving on Monday to be voted on.

The state of the Brexit

  • Brexit is on the 31st of October, is almost certainly of course.
  • British prime minister Johnson wants to be re-elected on the 6th of december.
  • The EU will bow even when it comes to more delays.
  • France, like any country with a three-month delay was not feasible, say sources.
  • The british opposition wants, of Brussels, the first time information on delays.
  • The EU’s decision will take place on Friday as expected.

Johnson has a two-thirds vote in the house of Commons as is necessary in order to make it happen.

The British prime minister, wants to put an end to the impasse over his new Brexit agreement with the European Union (eu) with a new mandate from the British voters to secure.

He wrote in a letter to the Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, that the opposition to the 6th of november is the time for the deal to take a look at it, but only if the parliament agrees to new elections in december.

“The way to the Brexit to happen is, in my opinion, to be reasonable to the members of parliament and tell them that if they are honest, more time requirements to get this great deal and to study it, they should be able to have it, but they still need to comply with national elections on the 12th of december,” said Johnson at Sky News. “That’s the path forward for this parliament has been a very long seat without a majority of the members.”

Actually, it was a parliamentary day in the form of a vote on the Queen’s Speech that the Uk’s ‘address’ which contains the programme of the government for the next few years are set out below. In the house of Commons, took the Queen’s Speech, the majority of it, but in light of the political crisis surrounding Brexit-and the prospect of new elections, was on Thursday not much more than a mere formality.

The UK PM, Boris Johnson, says if the Parliament “genuinely want more time to study his new-Brexit deal-they-can-have-it-but-they-have-to-agree-to-a-general-election-on December 12”

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It is uncertain whether the motion will get

It is not yet certain whether the motion was up for re-election, enough votes will get it. In accordance with the law, Johnson is two-thirds of the house of Commons, on. This means that the prime minister, 434 Lagerhuisleden it has to be convincing in order for the vote to be cast.

In the Uk, politicians and the media is trying to push calculations are carried out. As the prime minister, and his whole Conservative y, has also supported the Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionist y (DUP), the smaller opposition parties, is the best of the old and Conservative members of parliament during his visit last summer, and the party continued, he had 86 of the Labour politicians is needed.

Labour is divided on the question of when the elections should take place. The party line is that they can be held to be a ‘ no deal-Brexit is absolutely impossible.

The social-democrats did on Thursday, on the plain, and on the question of whether they are arriving on Monday for a re-election vote. Valerie Vaz, also known as the shadow leader of the house of Commons, said that her party’s first ride, or the EU, the UK has re-Brexit-respite.

I have written to Jeremy Corbyn: “this Parliament must get Brexit are doing now, or, a NEW Parliament must get Brexit done so the country can move on

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Brexit is on the 31st of October, almost certainly on the job

With his motion for a new election of premier Johnson, for the first time, away from his pledge to make the UK the cost of what it will take to resign on the 31st of October, which is the current Brexit-date. Johnson asked for this extension, very much against his sentence. He was forced to do so by a law passed last summer, which was adopted.

He said he was at the beginning of september that he “would rather die in a ditch you can find” the Brexit process, until the 31st of October to continue.

In the house of Commons, was on Tuesday approved the legislation, which Its Brexit deal is a legal framework to provide for it. That was seen as a major victory for the prime minister’s office.

Minutes later, however, it is a significant defeat for: the house of Commons voted against the the prime minister for the content of the treatment, and wanted to pull it out. Members of parliament want to have more time to discuss the deal, to debate, and modifications proposed to the policy.

The EU deals are still on a respite

The British prime minister, said after this defeat, is to want to wait for the EU leaders to decide whether the UK, the deadline can be put off. With this plan, he left Thursday’s sail.

The decision will take place on Friday is expected to say diplomats in Brussels. That delay is virtually certain: the appearance of no deal a-Brexit the EU is the priority.

There might be some disagreement about the duration of the delay. Diplomatic sources have told the media that, in France, and as the only member state regarding the extension of three months, it is true that the British have asked for. As a compromise, it is also possible, for example, in the form of an extension until the end of november, that is, in the case of an impending no-deal-Brexit could be converted into a long-term basis.


Brexit- – update: There are now three options for’

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