The british house of Commons, elect Lindsay Hoyle, to the successor president, John Bercow

In the British house of Commons, has, Monday, Lindsay Hoyle was elected to be the successor of the departing president, John Bercow, who is the main parliamentary function for more than a decade in exile.

Hoyle (62), and is a member of parliament from the Labour y and for the district of Chorley. He was chairman of the Ways and Means committee, and was one of the three vice-presidents of the house of Commons, under Bercow.

The Lagerhuisvoorzitter monitor the procedure in the British parliament, to ensure that the parliamentary procedures are properly followed and to determine the order of speakers in debates. He or she will decide which proposed amendments should be submitted to the plans of the government, and what are the questions the opposition may ask.

Bercow enjoyed world wide acclaim

Outgoing president, John Bercow has acquired a worldwide reputation as the parliamentary judges of the Brexit process. The Conservatives occupied the post since 2009. In the three years since the United Kingdom decided in the EU, to the left, the political patstellingen that the decision followed the Bercow more than a lot of Lagerhuisvoorzitters in the past.

Some of the MP’s (Members of Parliament) accused Bercow of its parliamentary traditions, to break down the opponents of the Brexit plan by the government is a lot of space. Others are grateful for the opportunity that he gave to the regeringsplannen is critical from end to end.


The last day, John, ‘Order’ Bercow: best of times

The chairman is selected, in a secret voting

Seven of the candidates announced themselves for Bercow to do the same. They had the support of the twelve mps to take part in the voting process. After that, each of them speaking in the house of Commons, were to make their applications and to justify the first of a number of secret voting.

After the first round there is no winner with more than half of the votes are bestowed, was the candidate with the least votes and the candidate who is not a 5 per cent, of the total stemmenaantal were able to achieve. In the end there will be four rounds of voting until Hoyle, a majority of the votes.

A lot depends on the outcome of elections

The new Lagerhuisvoorzitter, it will have to wait a little longer before it becomes clear what his role is. As for the general election on Thursday, december 12, will be held in a private office to provide you that has a majority of seats in the house of Commons, will Hoyle, are likely to be less impact than its predecessor. The Conservatives have said since 2017 is not in the majority.

Bercow (56), which is the normal parliamentary admonition, “Order!” to his lijfkreet out of which, fourteen thousand times, and with the strength to speak out – said that he was of the political left. He has no definite plans but want to be able to write and perform as a public speaker, ” he said in an interview with the BBC.


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