The british gezondheidsminister support of Boris Johnson, as the leader, but

The Uk’s Health minister, Matt Hancock, is supporting Boris Johnson in the race for the partijleiderschap of the Conservative government. That is, he writes, in a reader’s letter in The Times.

“On Friday, I did everything one step at a time, and I have come to the conclusion that Boris Johnson is the best candidate for the Conservative y to unite,” writes the Band, who last Friday resigned as a candidate for the leadership of the party.

Johnson is doing a good campaign, and it is almost certain that the new prime minister. It can make for a great brexit.”

The conservatives have a new leader after the departure of the prime minister, Theresa May. Her position was made untenable after several failed attempts, her brexitdeal by the European Union (eu) and the house of Commons, to be eliminated.

The internal leiderschapsverkiezing have been the first of the 313, conservative members of parliament to make a move. They hold rounds of voting until two candidates are left. Are around 160 000 members of the party to decide on who the party leader is.

Matt Hancock, the Uk minister for public Health. ()

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