The british Court: Its suspension of parliament, is against the law

The Uk’s Supreme court on Tuesday ruled that, in the opinion of the British prime minister, Boris Johnson, queen Elizabeth and the parliament, would be in conflict with the law. Prime minister, Boris Johnson, has sent to the house of Commons until the 15th of October at the house, which, critics say, is that it is an attempt to use the parliament to silence.

The Supreme court judges unanimously agree that the early suspension of parliament, the so-called “prorogation”, the parliament has no legitimacy “frustrated” in order to have a constitutional function to perform.

“The question we try to answer is the one that we will never, ever have to answer,” said Lady Hale, the president of the Supreme court of justice, at the time. “And it’s unlikely that that question was ever going to get.” The decision of the Supreme court, the early suspension of the parliament, be declared null and void.

The jurisdiction of the Uk courts, it is a slap in the face to the prime minister’s office. The big question is whether or not he has the confidence of the British people and his party to keep track of them. Several Conservatives have noted earlier, criticism of the decision.

Johnson said that in response to the decision, will be respected, but added that it was “in complete disagreement” with the decision. “I think that it is a ‘prorogation’ has been used for centuries, and in the absence of this kind of opposition,” said the prime minister’s office. Also, do not let the government know that it is a blow for Johnson, not to worry about it.


The british Court: ‘the Decision that Johnson had a extreme impact on the economy”

House of commons-the chairman Bercow calls on members of parliament to return

John Bercow, the chairman of the house of Commons, as a response to the judgment of the Supreme court, said that the Lagerhuisleden Wednesday’s back session. In the house of Commons, will be Wednesday at 11: 30 am (Uk time) and again to take a seat.

Bercow highlighted across the British media that this is not a recall of the house of Commons as it goes. “In the house of Commons is not subject to recall because of the ‘prorogation’ is illegal, it was cancelled,” said Bercow.

The House of Commons will resume at 11.30 am tomorrow, says the Commons speaker, John Bercow.
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Members of parliament have been in the previous week is sent home

The hearing before the Supreme court took last week, in a total of three days. The case was filed after the supreme courts in Scotland, last week, ruled that the action of Johnson, was illegal, because the parliament and the executive branch need to be checked.

The parliament had, the previous week, on Monday, their last day in the office. The prime minister sent them to the middle of October to go home to his own words, ” to gain more time for the formulation of his domestic policies.

Critics argue, however, that Johnson was in the parliament to eliminate by them to reduce the period of time in order to give a “no deal Brexit’ to keep up. However, did the house of Commons in the week prior to the suspension of legislation that would have such a hard Brexit is on the 31st of October, should be avoided.

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