The british bank computerpionier Alan Turing in the 50 pondbiljet

The Bank of England, the portrait of a mathematician and a codekraker Alan Turing, were selected for the new 50 pondbiljet. The new note will be as of the end of 2021 in order to be charged.

On this note, in addition to the face of the school and the work of the computerpionier-to-face. The draft illustrates, for example, a computer, and the formulations of alan Turing. How the bill will finally look like, it is not until just prior to the introduction of eurobonds.

In 2018, it was decided that a scientist of the new bill, it would come to be. There were 989 nominees, of whom there are twelve to a shortlist. Among others, Stephen Hawking (physicist and cosmologist) and Rosalind Franklin (discoverer of dna’s structure was on the list.

Turing was most well known for his designs for the machines that he was on a large scale, the German Enigma code and managed to crack it during world War ii.

He came up with the foundation for the modern computer and pioneered artificial intelligence. As he said in 1950 that a computer did, it would be able to think of. Alan Turing devised a test for the intelligence of robots and computers in order to test the turingtest.

Turing was homosexual and, in 1952 and convicted of “highly improper behaviour”. Homosexuality was forbidden. Two years later, he died of cyanidevergiftiging. Research has found that the suicide was. In 2009, the Uk government, it is making excuses, and five years later, he received a pardon from queen Elizabeth.

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