‘The british army and stopped all the war crimes in Afghanistan and Iraq to cover up’

‘The british army and stopped all the war crimes in Afghanistan and Iraq to cover up’

The army and the government of the United Kingdom would be war crimes trials by Uk military personnel in Afghanistan and Iraq, the cover up have to be stopped, writes the BBC News on Sunday after an investigation by the BBC’s Panorama and The Sunday Times. The military would be more innocent civilians have been killed, but here, have never heard of.

The study is based on the statements made by eleven of the British researchers, and a variety of industry insiders. Military men were tried for murder, but this is not the case. The Uk’s ministry of Defence denies the allegations and says they are unfounded.

The two research teams, Operation, Northmoor, and the Iraq Historic Allegations Team (IHAT), carried out research into the alleged war crimes committed by the British armed forces have been carried out. The teams that were eliminated after both groups are involved, the lawyer was accused of misconduct.

According to the former researchers of the two teams was the conduct of the lawyer as an excuse to be used for Operation, Northmoor, and IHAT is to be able to release it without that, but one of the investigated cases the case together.

The military might of the Iraqi agent have been shot

One of the cases discussed is that of the one shot and killed the Iraqi police. A British soldier shot him in the street down, and after that, the agent of his own home, had left it. He later died from his injuries.

The commanding officer of the soldier, took on the case study and it was concluded that the Iraqi had fired, and the soldier himself, had to be defended. It would have to be a military witness at first stated, however, that said, later on, with IHAT investigators that he was the incident for you, not for himself, considering.

The witness said that he had a single shot had been heard, and would demonstrate that there is only a one time shot, and the agent will, therefore, not a single shot was discharged. The other witness to confirm it. The researchers of IHAT learned that in the military, that the agent has been shot, tried to be.

The Uk’s ministry of Defence told BBC News that all of the investigations into these incidents by the independent institutions are examined.


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