The bones were found in a monastery on the top of the ” men ” on the mountain, you can be a part of a woman’s

Aerial view of the Pantokratoros Monastery on Nov. 07, 2017, in the Mount Athos (Greece). (Credit: Athanasios Gioumpasis/Getty)

A so-called all-male, “holy mountain” in the northern part of Greece, is hosted in the Christian convents and monasteries for over 2,000 years, women are strictly forbidden. However, a woman may have in one way or another, has found a home at the very least, the giving of his life.

During the recent restoration of the Pantokratoros Monastery on Mount Athos, archaeologists have unearthed bones from under the chapel floor, which is less than most of the other relics found at the site. In fact, some experts claim that this is a small bone once belonged to a woman, according to the Greek Reporter.

“As far as I know, this is the first case in which the bones of a woman are discovered in the Mt. It,” the architect and the restaurateur, Phaidon Hadjiantoniou, the project director of the dig, told the Greek Reporter.

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Seven persons — possibly more — were interred in the chapel, and their bones seem to have been transferred from other tombs, ” The Guardian reported. The people must have been important for the bones to be placed in a place of worship, an anthropologist Laura Wynn-Antikas, who examined the remains, said to the Guardian.

Many of the bones in the chapel at the site was clearly a man. Some, however, were not. The size and shape of the sacrum, and the tibia and the forearm, for example, was different from all the rest.

“While all the others were stronger, and had belonged to one of the images of the men, it was the readings that are noticeable, fell in the range of a woman’s face,” Wynn-Antikas told The Guardian.

However, the shape and size of isolated bone is not necessary to prove that the person was a woman. In fact, a recent analysis of the bones of Revolutionary War hero Casimir Pulaski, a person who publicly identifies as a man, it appears that some of the functions of the woman, which points to the fact that Pulaski may have been intersex.

About 2,500 monks live in 20 monasteries on Mount Athos, where the ban on women extends to the record of domesticated animals, like cats, they are the few, with very few exceptions, the Guardian reported. Women are not allowed to be within 0.3 miles (0.5 km) from the Mount Athos coast, the ban, which has been in place since the 10th century, it was the power that the Virgin Mary should be representing the one and only female presence on the mound, the BBC is reported to occur in 2016.

Ever since the year A. D. 382, of the official records note: 12 when the women set foot on the Mount Athos, in spite of the ban. Some of the women were in search of a refuge from the political turmoil, while others have sought information about the all-male enclaves, to sneak in by disguising themselves as men. It was the policy of the most recent rule breaker — Malvina Karali), a Greek journalist — who claimed to have visited the mountain in the 1990s, the wearing of men’s clothing, the Reporter said.

Further research will be needed in order to determine whether or not the bones in the chapel are really a female and is at this moment in time, is undergoing analysis in the laboratories of greece in Athens, according to Greek Reporter.

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